Cardboard boxes, packing tape and sharpie pens, oh my

We are moving to a new house tomorrow, so no posts for a few days. Trying to keep kids amused and out from underfoot while packing and cleaning is a challenge, and I’m too tired to be creative!

If you need something fun to read, check out Papa Bradstein, an old friend pondering impending fatherhood.


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One response to “Cardboard boxes, packing tape and sharpie pens, oh my

  1. Papa Bradstein

    OMG, moving. such mixed feelings–the excitement of the potential and the dragging inertia of the past. Takes me back to moving to Glendale with your hubby, when his car almost got towed, but the tow truck driver was willing to just tow it to an ATM so we could get enough cash for him to not tow it. I can only hope that the driver’s car was someday booted, towed, and stamped into sardine cans.

    I guess that’s not all ahimsa of me, but he was a tool.

    It can only go more smoothly this time, with less conflict. Good luck, be careful, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to breathe.

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