Sneak Poop Attack

Recently SillyBilly finally decided to use the toilet. We have had a little plastic toilet for a long time, but he used it only grudgingly. Then he had a high fever (see previous post) and after that he said he wanted to wear big boy underwear.

So, now we’re back to potty training. That term always sounds like puppy training to me, but really that’s kind of how it is. Short of putting down newspapers in the corner, we sit on the potty about once every waking hour. It’s amazing how focused a kid can be on playing, so that basic bodily functions are totally under the radar. Like puppies, they need constant vigilance and many, many repetitions.

It used to be that SillyBilly would invariably poop only when asleep. (I’ve wondered if it had something to do with needing to be out of his body before he could let go.) He has pretty sensitive skin, so sleeping with a poopy diaper would cause major weeping diaper rash. Then trying to change him would involve screaming and thrashing (him and me), often at 2 in the morning.

So, any movement (ha!) toward using the toilet has been fervently awaited. Now, while I am rocking Napoleona to sleep at naptime, SillyBilly goes potty all by himself. The first time I just heard the toilet flush in the other room and when I came out to get him, he said “Mama, I did a sneaky poop!”


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