Out of the Mouths of Babes, III

At the dinner table after Mama and Papa have been talking about work…

Napoleona: I’m going to have my workbooks to help my students.
Mama: You mean like Papa helps students? (Papa is the Registrar of Sunbridge College.)
Napoleona: Yeah.
Mama: Do you work at Papa’s work?
Napoleona: No, at Grammy and Grampa’s house.
Mama: You work at Grammy and Grampa’s?
Napoleona: Next to their house.
Mama: You work at the Holderness School? (They live near this school in Plymouth, NH.)
Napoleona: Yes, the doors are wide open for me there. (Holding her arms out to the sides, wide open.)

Evidently Napoleona sees a bright future for herself in the education field.

Update: The Huntlings and I are going to visit the West Coast grandparents for the next two weeks while Papa works on his Master’s degree. Postings may be sparse until we return.


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  1. Papa Bradstein

    Good for her, already planning to follow in her Papa’s footsteps, working in education. Then again, aren’t all parents educators? Have fun goin’ back to Cali–hope the power’s on when y’all get there–and working on the master’s.

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