Autumn Craftiness and Nature

It seems like just at the beginning of September I am bitten by the craftiness bug. I start dreaming of all those beautiful things I could make for my family, if only I could have a room devoted to crafts and all the time in the world! In the past have made blankets, sweaters, hats, dolls, slippers and socks out of yummy soft wool.

Then there is wool felting, which this year I started to do with the kids. They really enjoyed working with soft wool in warm soapy water! Napoleona especially was into the tactile sensations; I would look over at her and see her gently stroking her little wad of wool.

Here are some of our recent creations:

SillyBilly made a butterfly! OK, I helped a bit so that it didn’t fall apart.

SillyBilly made a bird sitting on its nest on a branch. Squint a little, you’ll see it…yellow bird, red beak, green nest.

Napoleona made a red bird flying through clouds under a yellow sun. Again, squint a bit.

Napoleona handed this to me and said, “Mama, this is for your blog.” How could I resist a blog blob?

Now for the Mama section:

The kids like me to draw seasonal pictures for them to decorate their room. This is my latest autumn scene.

This is a picture of our nature table. Complete with gnomes, gourds, squirrels, plus acorns, grasses and pine cones we picked up on our walks. I made the green and yellow gnome from felt and raw wool, and the squirrel from a kit.

SillyBilly proudly displaying the crocheted gnome I made for him. Made from a pattern in Knitting for Children.

A bit about the nature table:

Young children do not grasp nature intellectually, but unconsciously accept its laws. When we bring the external world indoors, creating a seasonal table in colours and in tableaux without the use of words, children become aware of nature at work in their surroundings.
The Nature Corner, M. van Leeuwen & J. Moeskops

We are so lucky to live amidst a beautiful forest where we can take daily nature walks. We see wildlife–Will we see Chippy chipmunk on that rock again today?–and beautiful plants–Look at those red leaves in the sun!–and experience the textures of nature–Let’s dig in the sand by the brook, throw a stone, break a stick in two!

SillyBilly and Napoleona beg to go outside and play or take walks. When we do, we find many treasures that make their way home in our pockets to be placed beautifully in the nature corner. We just today watched from the kids’ room as a gray squirrel found the perfect place in our backyard to bury an acorn.

Right now, the corner is on a shelf so that the children cannot easily reach it, but can see it. Soon they will be old enough to carefully add and subtract things on their own. But for now, sometimes Mama arranges things, and sometimes little gnomes come and do it when the children are elsewhere!


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  1. Anonymous

    what gorgeous wool crafty things! and i love the mom-created, seasonal posters. that’s beautiful.

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