Buddha or Bombers?

On our trip to Manhattan last weekend, we passed by the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The sight of a huge aircraft carrier with at least 5 fighter planes on top, and a submarine beside it, was extremely exciting for SillyBilly.

I’m not sure where his interest in airplanes, cars and such has come from. Sure, he is part of a family with military affiliations — one grandpa was an Air Force Major and another taught jungle warfare in the Army — but we certainly do not focus on these things.

In fact, we try to teach non-violence. How to balance the seemingly genetically ingrained boy’s love of machines with peace and love?

Any thoughts from my 2-3 loyal readers?

And for extra credit, anyone know of a good picture book for small children about Buddha? In my attempts to expose the children to the world’s religions (not too difficult: we live near a large Hasidic community, 2 grandmothers are Christian, the next-door neighbors are Wiccan, a Buddhist nun lives in the dorm next door, etc.) I’ve found lots of bibles and Jewish holiday books, but nothing good about Gautama.



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2 responses to “Buddha or Bombers?

  1. Papa Bradstein

    No suggestions, but let us know what you find out. I’m sure that we’ll be looking for the same books soon enough. The Dalai Lama’s a bit of a gear geek, but I don’t know if there are any books on it for kids.

  2. Anonymous

    my nephew has been raised — home schooled entirely — on a mountain sans television, with a mothering magazine mother determined he wouldn’t be violent. but by the time he was three, if you asked him what he wanted for christmas, he’d look around to make sure his mom wasn’t there and say, “anything, so long as it kills.” of course, he meant toys with attitude. at the same time, when they watched a video about abe lincoln when he was five, he remembered from stories abe lincoln is shot, and refused to watch the movie another minute, he was so upset. he is now into asserting his aggressiveness through karate and climbing…but he cooes over babies and is pretty sweet. i think they made space for both his natural tenderness and ==begrudglingly– allowed for his agressiveness, as well. i’m always impressed when i see him. i realize, now, this doesn’t really answer your question…

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