What I’m doing instead of wrapping presents…

I found a link to these incredible Goddess dolls on Strollerderby. I’ve never seen something so original in “Waldorf” style toys.

Whoever can make a cool little doll out of Kali (complete with skull necklace), Tethys (with tentacles and cowries) or Boudicca (torc, woad and all) is simply awesome.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the Waldorf world is a bit stuck in convention and dogma (another future post), so it’s refreshing to see someone branching out a bit.



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4 responses to “What I’m doing instead of wrapping presents…

  1. MaGreen

    i’ll check them out. i’m curious about waldorf stuff, my college roomate, who happens to live a few blocks away, is very into the waldorf. we’re unsure.

  2. (un)relaxeddad

    I like the concept. But where’s Inari (a favourite shinto deity) or Kanon? They could do with a few of the female bodhisattvas, especially the scary Tibetan ones!

  3. Henitsirk

    Magreen: I would especially recommend Waldorf preschools and kindergartens. They really are magical places, full of very creative play and nurturing environments. There are two schools in your area, check them out at waldorfhouston.com or houstonwaldorf.org.

    (Un)relaxdeddad: Check out the link again, there’s a Kuan-yin. Also you can vote for new ones at dancinggoddessdolls.com/id132.htm.

    Scary tibetan protectresses would be so cool!

  4. Helen

    I like Aphrodite the best. Look at all that hair!

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