All Quiet on the Holiday Front

Well, things have been really quiet here in blogland. We spent 7 days in New Hampshire with Grammy and Grandpa, which was great overall.

However we all got some sort of stomach flu, so that at any one point in time at least one of us had either vomiting or diarrhea. Luckily on Christmas day everyone felt OK, and we were able to fulfill SillyBilly’s wish to cut down our own Christmas tree.

I had true intentions to post here while on vacation, but it never happened.

On a completely different note: anyone have any opinions on blogging with WordPress?



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2 responses to “All Quiet on the Holiday Front

  1. Helen

    Your kids are so cute. What lovely happy little faces as they were cutting down the tree. I’m sorry to hear you were sick. That doesn’t sound pleasant at all and I hope you feel better now.

    I use WordPress blogging software that I uploaded to my own website. That gives me a lot of freedom. Once I found a template I could work with, I became very pleased with WordPress indeed. I also like their support forums because I can usually find the answers to the questions I have.

  2. (un)relaxeddad

    I love the idea of cutting down your own tree! Wish we lived nearer to a forest. Sorry to hear about the stomach flu – we all went through it in November and it’s deeply annoying for all concerned. Dudelet in particular got very nervous for a few days afterwards about eating anything just in case it came back again to say hallo.

    I use the free WordPress online. Occasionally, it’s a little slow but so far, it’s provided a way to do most of the things I want. Also, that’s improved a lot since they did a big server upgrade late last year. Widgets don’t support any kind of JavaScript but that hasn’t been a dealer breaker for me. I also like the community browsing tools in terms of seeing what other people on my blogroll who use wordpress are up to. Additionally (as a full-blown data paranoid, these things matter to me) you can download an XML image of everything on your blog.

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