Wordy Meme

Thanks to Helen and (un)relaxeddad for passing this one on, I couldn’t resist.

A word that describes me is:

Wooly. Because I love wool sweaters, wool knitting yarn, needle-felted wool toys, sheepskin rugs, etc. Love love love winter!

My favourite word is:

Oh, how to pick just one. How about this: raunchy. It’s got such a great crispy sound, yet the meaning is so grubby and smutty.

My least favourite word is:

A tie between mischievous and irregardless. Because it’s NOT mis-chee-vee-ous, and somehow I don’t think people are really trying for a double negative. Maybe people think they can make themselves sound better or more educated by adding random syllables.

Use these two words in a sentence:

Irregardless of his politial persuasion, the mischievous blogger felt no compunction about posting raunchy pictures of the senator.

A word I have to think twice about pronouncing is:

Cavalry. I always want to say Calvary, and I’m pretty sure there were no mounted units with Jesus at the Crucifixion. (Though that reminds me of the funniest line from Love, Actually: “We’ve been given our parts in the nativity play. And I’m the lobster.”)

Dictionaries. Printed or online?

Printed. I rely on The New Oxford American Dictionary, though it would end up at the thrift store in 2 seconds if I could ever afford the ginormous, amazing Oxford English Dictionary (and a house big enough for it). Now on sale for only $850.00 for the 20-volume set!!

A word whose meaning I cannot seem to retain no matter how many times I look it up is …

Sesquipedalian: adj., given to or characterized by the use of long words, a word with many syllables. Not a very useful word unless you’re trying to sound overly erudite. Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditiones habes!

Open a dictionary to a random page and find a word you don’t know. Post the word and its meaning.

farruca: n., Spanish. A type of flamenco dance.

Use the word and the word you can never remember in a sentence.

She was too breathless from dancing the farruca to respond to her partner’s sesquipedalian conversation.

One of the most overused words in my area of work/study is …

Poop. We’re potty training.



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6 responses to “Wordy Meme

  1. charlotte

    Great answers. And good luck with the poop thing.

  2. Chris Hunt

    Are you trying to say my conversation is sesquipedalian? Or are you just trying to bait me out of lurking?

  3. Kerryn

    Who needs a big house? If I could get my hands on the 20-volume OED I’d throw out my bed and any other furniture to make the space required.

  4. (un)relaxeddad

    I especially loved the ‘cavalry’ answer – I’m sure Jesus would have a few mounted units useful.

  5. Henitsirk

    Chris, you’re never sesquipedalian, in the sense of being long-winded or overly wordy. You never comment enough for that. 🙂

    (un)relaxeddad, whenever I see a “Calvary Church”, fairly common in the US, I always wonder if the pews are horse-sized.

    charlotte, thanks for the luck. We’ve decided to throw in the towel and just let the boy figure it out. So far the laissez-faire technique is working pretty well!

    kerryn, I think if I ever really got a copy of the OED, I’d never see the light of day. But then I could answer all my son’s questions about “why do we use that word, Mama?”

  6. healingmagichands

    It has always been one of my goals to someday have the OED. Hey, I wonder if it is on EbaY? I even have a place for it, there is an empty shelf underneath the Encyclopedia Britannica. Somehow, the vision of EB on one shelf with the OED on the shelf right underneath seems like a little bit of heaven in my living room.

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