The Anonymizer Has Spoken

I’ve just gone through all my posts and changed my kids’ names to nicknames. My son is now SillyBilly and my daughter is Napoleona. I know there are still links to our photo blog, and I’m sure their names are in the comments somewhere, and I’m not sure if this action even increases our privacy or security, but it somehow makes me feel better.

I found through Technorati that a very, very weird site had linked to one of my posts about my son. I never wanted to go this route, trusting in the universe and all, but in the immortal words of Beethoven and Milan Kundera, Muss es sein? Es muss sein.



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5 responses to “The Anonymizer Has Spoken

  1. Helen

    Yeah, I sort of worry about this too. I did a google search and realised that loads of places had linked to my main site. It freaked me out a bit, even though my site just contains teaching materials. I was waiting to see if Kiko’s photos were going to show up somewhere weird but fortunately they hadn’t. Still, I’m not that technical and there is no way of knowing. I trust in the universe too but once you get a yucky shivery feeling it’s hard to put it out of your mind.

  2. healingmagichands

    I suppose I should worry more about having my identity stolen. But I just can’t put that much energy into it.

  3. Papa Bradstein

    Yo, that’s spooky about the link. That must have been a lot of work. Yeesh. Sometimes, I’m not so fond of people.

  4. charlotte

    Sometimes I worry about the lack of anonymity in my blog. I handle it by not posting pictures of my children and I no longer give too many details about my town. However, if I ever got a creepy feeling like you did, I would do exactly the same and make nicknames.

  5. Kerryn

    That’s horrible about the link. I like to think that everyone has honourable intentions but every day I see something that makes me question that (too naive) assumption.

    If the link still exists maybe you could delete the original post and repost it with a different title, after editing the post to change whatever appears to have attracted the scary linkage. Just a thought…

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