An Odyssey of Eating

When Anthropapa and I were first together, we ate food that was, well, at least filling if not nutritious. I remember many Boboli pizzas, McDonald’s breakfasts, bean burritos, steaks and pasta. We would buy vegetables with all seriousness, and then let them rot in the fridge for laziness and ignorance. And I remember at least one week when we visited our favorite sushi bar four times. Ah, the days of wine, roses, and disposable income.

Then at some point we started to eat in a more healthy way. More vegetables were cooked instead of thrown out. Boboli disappeared in favor of brown rice. This happened, to be honest, partly due to changes in the disposable income arena. But I’d say we had become more conscious of many things in our lives: around this time we stopped watching TV, started using alternative medicine, and became much less acquisitive in our spending habits.

Now that I am staying at home with the Huntlings, I’ve turned another corner food-wise. I’ve developed an interest in making things from scratch. Last night I made turkey-vegetable soup with dumplings. For dessert we had apple-pear-cranberry crisp. I can make sauce Béchamel, and from that, sauce Mornay–the snooty French version of cheese sauce which makes all vegetables instantly edible to toddlers.

Now, I’m saying this not with hubris, but with a modicum of amazement. Our diet regularly includes such oddities as kale and rutabaga. I can cook quinoa. And I make possibly the yummiest roast chicken around. Where did all this come from?

Some of my major inspirations include Joy of Cooking, Nourishing Traditions, On Food and Cooking, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and the Little House Cookbook.

And a plug for Anthropapa: he makes rockin’ kombucha!



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3 responses to “An Odyssey of Eating

  1. (un)relaxeddad

    Hey! Something that really changed our eating habits was ordering a weekly organic box – you only get what’s seasonal, nothing comes with airmiles attached and it certainly makes you cook. (Or rather, supermum cook – I only tend to at weekends at the moment due to timetabling issues, unless its something I can knock in half an hour).

    Sushi is unhealthy? I never really thought so – unless you’re talking bank balance…

  2. Helen

    Man, we went to a sushi bar this weekend (with the baby-o in tow in his buggy) and the sushi train was so expensive I had one plate and that was my lunch. Mind you, I wasn’t very hungry. But I remember in life before baby-o we used to go to sushi bars all the time.

    Heh – cheese sauce makes veggies palatable to toddlers? I use it to make veggies palatable to husbands!

    He read my blog and saw that you had mentioned tilapia (?), and he was impressed. He said that is a dish from the Philippines.

  3. Henitsirk

    We’re getting an organic box every other week. Having a fridge full of expensive veggies is a good inspiration! Unfortunately our box is not from local farms only, so this week we got kiwis from Italy! My husband points out that this might contravene the benefit of organics, given the incredible fossil fuel use to ship those to us.

    Sushi might be called unhealthy in that it’s all white rice, usually. And lots of salt in the soy sauce. But otherwise I think it’s quite good for you…fish, seaweed, etc. But it’s pretty hard on the bank account as you say.

    Wow, Helen I don’t even remember ever mentioning tilapia, but I’m not sure I’m remembering much lately. We have the latest Eric Carle book about Mr. Seahorse, who meets a daddy tilapia caring for his babies.

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