Miscellaneous items for your amusement

As requested by Helen, the December 1975 ad that features yours truly:

Since this ad appeared in National Geographic, I can safely say millions of Americans might have a little bit of me in their basements. Kinda weird!

Parenting blunder of the day: I yelled at my kids for yelling at each other. Great role model, eh?

Parenting triumph of the day: I made homemade corn chowder and green salads for lunch, and they ate every last bit. Also, once or twice during the morning yell-a-thon, I got the kids to actually calm down and talk to each other. SillyBilly is finally getting old enough to start working with NVC and remember to use his words to seek what he needs. Woo hoo!!

Time-waster of the week: come see my fledgling nation of Oakgall, “A Snack and a Nap, That’s All We Ask.” Current legislative issues in parliament include:

  • Uranium Deposit Promises To Enrich Oakgall
  • Military Demands Increased Spending
  • Where’s The Love Gone?
  • Woodchucks On The Dinner Table?


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5 responses to “Miscellaneous items for your amusement

  1. Helen

    I love that photo. I always wanted to feature in an advert when I was a child. Unfortunately, I doubt they would have had me!

    Did you do any more adverts?

    I laughed about yelling at the kids for yelling at each other. I get annoyed at Kiko for constantly saying: “No!” then I realise I say: “No!” to him at least a thousand times a day! (He’s recently just learnt “yes” – Wow!!!!!)

  2. Kerryn

    That’s a terrific photo — what a great memento to have and to show your own children.

    I checked out the Nationstates site last week and very quickly realised that I have far too many other timewasters in my life. However, I only came to that realisation after about an hour, just ferreting around.

  3. Henitsirk

    No, that was the extent of my 15 minutes of fame. I don’t even remember if we got paid!

    I love looking back on the magazines the ad was in because of the groovy 70’s stuff: what was showing in December 1975 on US TV, what products were featured in ads in Time magazine, etc. Major polyester, sideburns, and plaid abound, not to mention really big cars.

  4. (un)relaxeddad

    Wow! You were in a national newspaper! All I ever managed was a little local one when I staged a church altar invasion at the age of 4.

  5. Henitsirk

    URD: A church altar invasion? Sounds a bit like last Christmas: at Grammy’s church the pastor read the nativity story to the little ones up on the steps at the front of the hall. After the story was over SillyBilly refused to come down. Guess he like being the center of attention! Or maybe there’s something about 4 year old boys?

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