My Tiny Little Dream House

I just came across this on the Craft blog and could not resist sharing. I’ve wanted to live in Underhill since I was a little girl. And I’ve always loved miniature things.

Miniature Bag End


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3 responses to “My Tiny Little Dream House

  1. Helen

    WOW!! Double wow. I am so glad you posted that link. I was in a horrible mood tonight and looking at those photos inspired me so much. I have a book in UK called Queen Mary’s Doll’s House. I still haven’t brought it to Australia but I intend to. This site explains it better than I could:

    The lady who made the Hobbit House should make the photos into a book. I’d rush out and buy it immediately. I love doll’s houses!!

  2. (un)relaxeddad

    That is amazing – the Tolkein mad me of 30 odd years ago would have killed for it. And the 44 year old me still thinks its totaly cool.

  3. Henitsirk

    Helen, I’m glad this helped your mood. Queen Mary’s Doll House is amazing! I love miniatures, and my dad made me a dollhouse when I was a girl, but I’ll have to wait until my kids are much older before I indulge in that stuff again.

    URD: isn’t it just cool! I always tell my son that he’s a hobbit because he’s always hungry and is pretty furry for a little kid. I wish we could live in a hobbit house. I’ve read about how Tolkein was criticizing modern materialistic culture and glorifying an agrarian past…sounds good to me.

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