A fun-filled day

You thought you’d be reading about our vacation about now, right?


This morning, upon assisting with jammie removal, I discovered a large tick imbedded in Napoleona’s back. I attempted to remove it, and merely squashed the thing. So, SillyBilly went to daycare, and the girlie and I went to the pediatrician. He informed us, after removing the remains of the creature, that while we should be on the lookout for Lyme Disease, most likely nothing will occur. And if it does, a round of amoxicillin will do the trick. Evidently it’s just us lucky grownups that typically have problems.

$25 later (I’m not complaining that we have a free annual visit scheduled with the pediatrician on Tuesday, oh no. It’s not like I could leave a blood-sucking parasite on my kid for 4 days. But why why why couldn’t this have happened on, say, Tuesday?), I dropped off Napoleona to daycare and used the remaining hour to do some editing.

Lunch, naptime, then playing outside with the kids. Of course, by “playing outside with the kids” I mean supervising SillyBilly while he plays with the hose and Napoleona while she stuffs her face with trail mix, all the while reading a mystery novel. There’s got to be some fun in this day somewhere, right?

While I was in the middle of doing some pre-dinner dishes, Napoleona declared in tones of woe that she had stuck a cat-litter crystal up her nose, and it was stuck there. Much nose-blowing later, the offending crystal shot to the floor.

Then I broke my beloved (and only) flower vase while washing it.

Now I’m sitting on the couch blogging while Anthropapa makes dinner. Aaaah, that’s better.

**Coming soon**
The mother of all vacation blog posts, part I.



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2 responses to “A fun-filled day

  1. Kerryn

    Don’t you hate that *thud* that always happens when the vacation ends? It’s the sound of everything falling back down to earth…

    I do hope that Napoleona has no nasty side effects from the tick and that she decides that sticking kitty litter up her nose is not fun (although it did make me laugh — I’m sorry, I shouldn’t, but I imagined the same thing happening to my nephews).

    And your vase… that would have had me rocking back and forth in the corner.

    I hope tomorrow is better and that you get more of your mystery read while the kids play happily!

  2. Papa Bradstein

    Ugh. What a welcome back. Knowing that everyone was safe at the end (and that you read books while watching your kids) made me feel better at the end. Here’s hoping that you feel better by now–I’m sure that Anthropapa’s dinner helped with that.

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