I couldn’t pass this up

Charlotte recently shared this very silly little game: Google “(your name) needs” and see what comes up. Evidently many of my requirements in life are urgent enough to demand exclamation points:

What’s wrong with Kristine? Nothing! (hear, hear!)

Kristine needs a man too. (thanks, got one already)

Kristine needs her happy place. (see above)

Kristine needs to shake her bootie!!! (um, no)

Kristine needs to organize these files. (how did they get a look at my desk?)

Maybe Kristine needs to find out how Texas deals with child molesters. (um, no thanks)

Kristine needs a room mate! (got plenty already, thanks)

Kristine needs to come out to Long Island! (I have no response to that.)

Kristine needs to wear glasses (oh, definitely)

Kristine needs to be paid (on time please!)

and my favorite:

Kristine needs to two-way HotSync (sounds vaguely naughty, except for the Palm Pilots)



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3 responses to “I couldn’t pass this up

  1. pam5

    Had 10 years of chronic fatigue, eye floaters, joint pain, headaches that took me to the floor, dizzy spells which a vertigo specialist could not explain, memory lapses that my family decided I needed special help. In August of 1989 I took an engorged tick into an Army Hospital in San Antonio. This tick was removed from my head and quite large. The day before our family had been riding horses in the Hill Country. That night we checked for ticks and removed a couple from all four of us. The next morning I had a lump between the size of a grape and acorn. My husband used a scalpel kit to remove it very gently and we immediately took it into the Hospital Lab to be told, not to worry because Texas did not have Lyme Disease. I was hospitalized with meningitis in two days. When I left the hospital about a week later I was so exhausted I just thought it was the after effects of the infection, which they determined was viral. I went on with the original symptoms listed above and stopped jogging and tennis and no longer could keep my job as an OB R.N. I seemed to have had every test known to man and nothing but a high neutrophil count could be found. I finally asked for a referral to a psychiatrist. Ten to Fifteen minutes with me and he said I was engaging and he thought I might have a disease or syndrome that they just hadn’t found yet, so keep trying. I asked to be tested anyway, and we did the Minn. Multiphasic. Test came back that I was a very secure somewhat extravert and would make a good nurse, which is what I had been until the exhaustion kept me from being me. My shoulder kept giving me problems and two years of injections and therapy and suspicious xrays ( two xrays a year apart showed a degeneration that was very rapid), made the decision to have surgery. Then came the foot tumors. No excersize for quite some time. I gave up trying to find the answer to my medical problems and dragged myself to the gym and worked out six days a week, working up to four miles on a Norkic Track and light weights every other day. I had one sinus infection after another-then bladder infections that had to be treated twice to get rid of – finally kiney involvement that took months to clear. But still nothing was wrong. Thank heaven for a rupture brain aneurysm in Aug. of 1999. I made it through the surgery and was told that the two weeks I would spend in ICU would be the worst two weeks of my life, but turned out to be the best in 10 years,(even though they had to awaken me every hr. on the hr. They were infusing an antibiotic called rocephin and all the symptoms I had been fighting for the last 10 years were quickly leaving. So I thought the faulty brain artery must have been my problem all those years. I started rehab. to learn to walk and talk without a stutter. The third month into rehab. I started to feel the horrible unnamed syndrome coming back. My daughter, a second year dental student, called one day and said get to my doctor as fast as I could because that day in one of her medical classes they discussed a man that had gone through all my surgeries to include a brain aneurysm rupture, shoulder, knee drains, brain fog, dizzy spells, pain, headaches, and unexplained loss of memory. His diagnosis LYME DISEASE. My doctor ordered the standard Elisa – which was negative, but because he had been through so much with me he ordered the Western Blot and had tears in his eyes when he told me my titer was HIGH for Borrelia (Lyme Diseas). He discussed my case with many other doctor friends and explained the embedded tick which was probably not checked because the Lab had told me they did not have Lyme Disease in Texas 10 years ago. The doctors decided together that two weeks of IV Rocephin was a good start. Again, while on the Rocephin IV all my symtoms begain to disappear. I thought I had this this licked. My husband was named Director of Graduated Dental Resident Programs, so back to Ft Sam Houston, Tx. About six to eight months after arrival all the horrible symptoms began again. This time I was referred to a disease specialist and he told me that two weeks of IV Rocephin would be enough to kill the Borrelia if that was indeed what I had. He felt I had Post Lyme Disease. I could not wait till that tour was over (it was a two year job), and we asked to go back to Ft. Carson, Co. When we got back I went down hill fast. My oxygen saturations were in the high 70’s and they should be in the 90’s. Lung scan clear, but now my lung specialist knew about the Lyme diagnosis and he referred my to a Lyme Specialist, who himself had been diagnosed with ALS and it was Lyme Disease. He had been treated with IV meds. and opened a clinic that delt with people like myself. My blood was sent to one of the best Labs in the Country – IBENEX LAB. I had two types of Borrelia and Babesia WA1. The Babesia is a parasite that probably went in with the spirochete Borrelia all from one gnarly tick in Texas. Also found clamydial pneumonia. Am presently on three IV meds. INH for the Clamydial pneumonia, liver cleanser. Just recently had a herpes pannel and Epstein Bar was off the charts, as was CMV and two others. AT least now I know what I am fighting and sad to say I am chronic. I believe that the infectious disease doctors are correct when they say this disease can be cured in two to four weeks on oral antibiotics. BUT FOR THOSE OF US THAT WERE NOT TREATED RIGHT AWAY AND HAVE GONE A DECADE OR MORE TRYING TO FIND THE CAUSE OF OUR MISFORTUNE, TWO WEEKS OF ANYTHING IS NOT GOING TO CURE WHAT IS WRONG. We are now fighting “Chronic Inflamatory Immune Deficiency.” This disease goes frome spirochete to seroblast to cyst. It can hide and change forms so the management of this disease takes a Lyme Literate doctor and there are too few. My clinic will close in July and I am at a loss as what will happen. So my message to you is be sure that tick that your family member had was checked. God Bless! Pam

  2. Charlotte

    Silly but oddly prophetic, no? Imagine if Google could see my desk.

  3. healingmagichands

    I searched “healingmagichands needs” and found not one entry. Not one. Healingmagichands has no unmet needs, I guess. So then I searched “Ellie needs”. Good heavens, there appear to be numerous dogs named Ellie who have all kinds of things. My favorite was “Ellie needs a drink.” Don’t mind if I do!

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