Major Milestone

You’ll all have to excuse me for a moment, I’m feeling a little farklempt.

This morning I dropped off the boy at his first day of summer camp. I packed a little lunchbox, made sure the backpack had spare clothes, and made sure all of him was covered with sunscreen.

He’s pretty excited, though at the moment when it was time to give me a kiss and go with the camp counselor, he looked a little worried. But he waved jauntily a moment later, going off into the world.

He’ll start learning to swim, see wild animals, go on hikes, and make new friends. What more could a boy want?

Update: here’s what SillyBilly looked like after his first day at camp:

Just what I like to see…a tired little boy. Good tired, of course. Not bad, not-enough-sleep, sick tired, but good, did-a-lot-outside tired. Despite getting to bed a bit late and being tired again this morning, once he arrived at camp he was off like a shot, completely forgetting to say goodbye to his Papa. Early bedtime tonight, woo hoo!



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2 responses to “Major Milestone

  1. (un)relaxeddad

    I don’t want to have to think about that moment yet! He looks brave and anxious at the same time!

  2. Papa Bradstein

    How exciting, and yet, how glad I am that we don’t have to let go of 3B like that quite yet.

    But, still, fun.

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