The Book Quiz

I found this quiz via Helen. Not what I expected.

You’re Cry, the Beloved Country!

by Alan Paton

Life is exceedingly difficult right now, especially when you put more miles (2800!) between yourself and your hometown. But with all sorts of personal and profound convictions (I will spend my alone time working, I will not blog, I will not…doh!), you are able to keep a level head and still try to help folks, (Mama, I can’t turn my shirt right side out! Mama, I’m poopy! Mama, I fell and my knee is bleeding!) no matter how much they harm you (my kids do excel at bonking my nose with their hard little heads). You walk through a land of natural beauty (Northeastern US mixed hardwood forest) and daily horror (must be referring to the state of the bathroom right now). In the end, far too much is a matter of black and white (or perhaps a matter of dirt and clean, or work and sleep).

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