Deep preschooler thoughts

This afternoon the kids were playing in their room. Every so often one of them would run out to say something to me, or ask for help. Napoleona at one point came to me while I was washing the dishes and asked for help getting her shirt on. She must have known that I would wonder why she was changing her previously clean clothes, because she said, “Mama, we have to change our clothes because they’re all oily from our bodies.”

First thought: not for about 10 years, sweetie. Second thought: did I once say something to them about skin secretions or something, or did she just pick that up from the ether?

Then at dinner, we had just said grace and were starting our meal, when I noticed SillyBilly wasn’t eating. He looked at me thoughtfully and asked, “Mama, can salamanders clean their feet?

After a bit of back and forth, we determined that he was thinking about how they might be able to clean their own feet with their “long tongues.” Must have been confusing them with chameleons.


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