Mom goes shopping, gains $142.51

My lovely husband Anthropapa just sent me a link to this, which is the funniest eBay offering I have ever seen.

Who knew that someone could get someone else to pay that much for a package (opened, even) of Pokemon cards just for writing a witty description? Makes me want to consider my “I’m not a writer, I’m an editor” stance.

Sometimes I wonder why Anthropapa isn’t doing something more constructive with his time than perusing Digg, like cleaning something or writing that grad school essay, and then I remember to be thankful for the entertainment break, and go back to my own constructive work, blogging.



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4 responses to “Mom goes shopping, gains $142.51

  1. (un)relaxeddad

    Crikey! I feel that way after a trip to the supermarket with just one…

  2. szilvi

    That was hilarious. My hubby and I both laughed ourselves silly!

  3. vero

    She sold them for 40 dollars!:D:D
    And look at the stats, more than 150000 people read it!!!!!!!!!

  4. vero

    She sold them for 142,51 dollars of course, not 40. I should check out what I write before clicking. :S

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