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Seems like short-attention-span land around here. Or maybe I’m just saving up all the thoughtful, meaningful posts for NaBloPoMo. Bwahahahaha…I’ll never tell!

* * *

It’s raining here right now….we needed that. Though I’m sure the mold levels will now officially go through the roof, it’s getting cooler and the leaves are really turning beautifully now.

Earlier today I was working by an open window when I heard a bunch of kids walking back to the Waldorf school from the playing field nearby…they were lustily singing “Doe, a Deer.” Sweet.

SillyBilly evidently knows how to open his bedroom window. The one that looks out over the one-story drop down to the concrete outside the basement door. After some nausea- and tears-inducing freakouts (on my part), I think we’ve imparted to him that it’s not OK to open the window. And I think he doesn’t understand how to work the little tabs that pop out to stop the window from raising more than 3 inches. But I’m sure he’ll get that one of these days…

We got out the down comforter from storage and put it on the bed last night. Mmmmm, snuggly. Now if it would only cool down again to merit it!

Imaginative play triumph #4,239: yesterday the kids were making “second breakfast” with their wooden play kitchen after we finished real breakfast. My dear little hobbits! And today, Napoleona was going around the house putting small, colored wooden blocks here and there, saying that they were candles…”cool ones, Mama, the ones that only burn you a little bit, for one day. The burning hot ones are for Christmas time. These are for Halloween night.”

We splurged on going out to dinner tonight. Turkish food, yum. I am constantly amazed and grateful at the kids’ ability to eat just about anything. We had baba ganoush, tomato/cucumber salad (Çoban Salatası) with shredded feta cheese, lamb kebab, and tiny dumplings (Mantı) in yogurt and tomato sauce, with rice pudding and caramelized milk pudding (Kazandibi) for dessert!

Still trying to figure out why the kids have been kinda whacked out the last few days. Perhaps it’s just tiredness from the vacation…evidently they have been taking big naps at daycare. Or maybe it’s their souls that are tired, from being driven all over creation and being away from home for so long, as Anthropapa suggested to me tonight. We’ll have to spend some time outside in the fresh air tomorrow.


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