A Chorus of Couches

Charlotte’s couch envy in the comments in yesterday’s post reminded me that I have a plethora of groovy 1970s couches in my family photo collection. Feast your eyes on these:

Here I am gazing lovingly at my cousin who is showing me some sort of small animal pet. I should be gazing wonderingly at that fabric — mustard yellow never goes out of fashion, right?

Another shot of the black and white couch. Please note the mustard yellow carpet (See? Always popular!), and the eye-watering combination of patterns on everyone’s clothes. I think my grandparents had just come back from Hawaii, which might explain part of it.

A lovely brown plaid. I think That ’70s Show came by the house to pick this up for a prop.

This one’s not quite so unlovely, thought I’m sure it’s 100% pure restaurant Naugahyde. Again, please note the incredible patterns. Grandma was pretty groovy, eh?



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5 responses to “A Chorus of Couches

  1. Charlotte

    What a cute little poppet, Kristine! (You, not the couches.)

    However, moving back to the couches, the black and white paisley is still my favourite, but I’m loving the yellow paisley too. And the way everyone clashed spectacularly with each other. What a decade that was.

  2. thegoodwitch

    I love ’em!! Now I’ll have to check out the couches in my old photos!

  3. Papa Bradstein

    Wow. What was that pattern on the wall behind your groovy grandmother?

    And does it only count if the couches are deceased, or should I take pictures of all the groovy couches that are still in Mom’s house?

  4. Henitsirk

    Papa B: I think that pattern was a good example of 1970s Southern California quasi-Mexican interior decor. Think Spanish tile, only vinyl. And you should definitely share some groovy couch goodness from your Mom’s house! I know she was a bit of a pack rat, so there have to be some absolute treasures in there.

  5. healingmagichands

    Oh boy. I feel like I missed the entire seventies by being in college at the time. All the couches in the dorm were dingy white vinyl. Pete and I had no couches. The couches Jim brought into my life were a nice oatmeal fabric. We kept them until about 5 years ago when we replaced them with dark forest green leather.

    Our family was not one to go buying new furniture with any regularity.

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