One Deep Thought for Today

I’m working on a deadline this morning, on a manuscript about gender politics and the expansion of the EU.

It’s actually quite interesting, in a fairly dry way, and something I know nothing about, so it’s illuminating. But I’m tired, and my brain is really quite full and wishing for a rest.

One sentence just now stood out for me despite my brain fog:

Both women and racial minorities are framed as “disadvantaged” by their group membership, and as less able to achieve in what is framed as an inherently fair and yet hierarchical system of competitive capitalism.

Amazing, that. The author was talking specifically about the US, and how we define “race,” “class,” and “difference.”

If you say something enough times, it starts to be true. Perhaps we’ve been told for so long that our capitalistic, hierarchical society is really fair and that women and minorities are less capable, that we think they are inherently less capable, instead of simply being limited by the inequalities of the system itself.


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