Born-again Blogger

Well, I decided to convert after all.

I copied all of my posts over from Blogspot, though the comments from the last week or so didn’t make it. And I still have loads of uncategorized posts to categorize. But…

Hope you like it!


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6 responses to “Born-again Blogger

  1. I like it! Nice to end NaBlo on a positive note with something fresh and new.

  2. I like it too! And I love your header.

    Welcome to wp.

  3. Aesthetically, very nice. White backgrounds look… er… more professional. I guess we’re conditioned that way now. Good luck in wordpress land. And as a service to you (as I hold my hands in the air), I send your new blog address blessings, and sprinkle a goodly handful of anti-gremlin dust on your server.

    And now I’m going to subscribe to your feed.

  4. Woot! Very snazzy looking new site! And glad to see that there wasn’t already an Anthromama already on this side of the fence!

  5. Thanks everyone. I snitched and snipped the header from a beautiful aurora borealis picture from Wikimedia Commons. One of these days I’ll figure out how to properly attribute images!

  6. Beautiful header! Welcome to WordPress. It has served me well, and I hope you like it here.

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