Somebody give me a decongestant

I meant to post an insightful essay inspired by The Third Eve’s recent amazing post on what is a Good Mother.

However, both kids and both parents have a cold at ye olde Anthrohaus, so my energy level is not matching my intentions. And I’m not sure my brain cells are getting enough oxygen: I almost wrote “inciteful” in the first sentence of this post.

I will say that I think I was a medium-good mother today. I don’t recall any major yelling or getting frustrated, I cooked dinner (including the best biscuits I’ve ever made, go figure), and the kids were in bed by 7 pm (with Anthropapa’s help, of course). I even read two long stories to the kids this afternoon, despite my clogged, throbbing sinuses and dried-out throat. And I even did some editing this morning.

Now, to bed.



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2 responses to “Somebody give me a decongestant

  1. Nana

    good parents instill the virtues of kindness, intellectual curiosity, kindness, love, kindness, integrity, kindness, tolerance, kindness, humility, and the ability to produce a true belly laugh in their children… sometimes you don’t know how ‘good’ you were until your children become good parents…a bonus is if your kids can maintain an attitude of awe and wonder at all things in the natural Universe…

  2. Nana: too true. The trick is to remember all that when you’re not yourself feeling too kind. I always try to focus on modeling and imitation: what behavior am I modeling that my kids will then imitate? Of course, the “bad” stuff is immediately assimilated and produced frequently until we can replace it with “good” behavior. Luckily, our kids have never heard any obscene words, for example!

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