The Infernal Meme

OK, I give up on my plans for insightful posts until sometime next week. This cold has really whomped me, even though it’s not a particularly heinous one. Just very tiring.

So I guess I’ll take a shot at the Heinous Neverending Meme that Papa B. tagged me with. (Remember what Master Yoda says, boys and girls: Never end a sentence a preposition with.)

Eight Things that Attract Me to My Best Friends:

  1. They’ve stuck with me even through that dorky stage that’s sure to end . . . any day now.
  2. Some of them are even dorkier than I am.
  3. OK, I’ll be a little more serious. Good friends have interests similar to mine, yet also have different ones that open up new horizons for me, and I hope I do the same for them.
  4. We can make each other laugh.
  5. They forgive me when I forget their birthdays, which I pretty much usually do.
  6. They’re laid back, except for those few who are filled with manic energy and thus complement my laidbackness (laidbackosity? laidbackitude?).
  7. I can talk to them for hours about nothing in particular.
  8. They don’t ask me repeatedly whether I’m absolutely sure anthroposophy isn’t a cult.

Eight Things I am Passionate About (in no particular order):

  1. Sleeping.
  2. My kids.
  3. Reading.
  4. Correcting horrible grammar and spelling.
  5. Sleeping.
  6. Eating good food.
  7. Sleeping.
  8. Kissing my husband before he goes out the door each morning.

Eight Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

  1. Travel outside the US. (Pathetic, I know.)
  2. Be a grandmother.
  3. Learn how to use a spinning wheel.
  4. Remember all the Italian I once knew, and have a reason to use it.
  5. Own my own home.
  6. Make sure that everyone that I love knows that I love them, because I don’t always express it.
  7. Figure out the root of most of my neuroses, so I don’t have to work on them again next time.
  8. Being actually able to live in a state of “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” (See #5.)

Eight Things I Say Often:

  1. “I see what you made!” every single damn time the kids want me to acknowledge their drawings/craft projects/stack of blocks/stack of sticks/stack of shoes/pile of lint.
  2. “Be careful!” when I’m unable to trust in the guidance of cosmic wisdom and just don’t want the kids to put their eyes out/break their heads open/break something valuable.
  3. “Hey buddy!” every time I see my son for the first time each morning/after pickup at daycare/after naptime.
  4. “Get your finger out of your nose.” Self-explanatory, I hope.
  5. “Please use your words instead of hitting/yelling/whining.” (And I don’t mean Anthropapa.)
  6. “WhatEVER!” (imagine a sarcastic tone — I came this close to growing up as a Valley Girl.)
  7. “Do you need to poop/pee/blow your nose?” (see #4.)
  8. “I love you.” Because people can’t hear it enough.

Eight Blogs I’m Most Thankful For (in no particular order):

  1. The Bradstein Household, because it’s good to keep in touch with old friends, especially witty ones.
  2. A Was Alarmed, because hearing about her writing process is fascinating, as are her stories of the exotic locales and cultures she’s lived in.
  3. MetroDad, because he’s outrageously funny and makes fun of himself more than anyone else.
  4. The Third Eve, for her incredible thought-provoking posts, which remind me that blogging doesn’t have to be only for people with short attention spans.
  5. Charlotte’s Web, for her mixture of serious topics, rants about those wacky uptight Germans, wonderful book reviews, and the treasure trove of Tales from the Web.
  6. Sweet Juniper! for their wild humor, incredible writing, and beautiful photographs, which all remind me that it’s OK to let our kids be creative and strange.
  7. White Thoughts, for her stunning photos, even more stunning writing, and for giving a tantalizing glimpse into her corner of Australia.
  8. Relaxed Parents, for his acute observations of his son, his lovely photography, and his interesting forays into Buddhism, music, and figuring out how to be a dad/husband/worker/student all at the same time.

Eight Songs I Could Listen to Books I Could Read Over and Over Again (I’m changing this one because books are much more important to me than music . . . sorry, Papa B.):

  1. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
  2. Little, Big
  3. Smilla’s Sense of Snow
  4. That Distant Land
  5. The Roads to Sata
  6. The Robber Bride
  7. Pride and Prejudice
  8. Possession

Eight Things I Have Learned This Past Year

  1. I will not die a horrible death if I drive while it’s snowing.
  2. I can forgive myself for not living up to my high expectations as a mother.
  3. I can make really good mustard sauce.
  4. Making the bed every morning makes me feel better.
  5. I’m looking forward to a cat hair/poop/hairball/yowling free life someday, much as I love the little critters.
  6. My kids will never cease to amaze me.
  7. It’s good to have family nearby, and not just for the free babysitting.
  8. I still have a lot to learn about self-motivation, time management, and self-discipline, all of which I need to learn pronto if I want to be more successful as a freelancer.

Number Eight is supposed to be a list of people I’m tagging for this meme. Feel tagged, if you so desire. I’m done!



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10 responses to “The Infernal Meme

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’m also passionate about sleep, and I’m not getting enough right now because I’m too busy correcting the bad grammar of Germans who believe they can write in English. Roll on the holidays!

    One of the things I say 100x a day is “Thank you, Mummy”. If I’m getting tired of saying that, I say, “Thank you, Mummy darling.”

  2. It is amazing to me how many things on your list are on my list. I learned to spin quite a while ago, and while I don’t do it any more, I have never forgotten how and still have my spinning wheel. It is a wonderful meditative thing to do, plus when you are done you have something beautiful and useful.

    One of the things I say over and over again is “Don’t forget to drink water!” to my clients as they leave my door after a massage.

  3. You left out “Belinda”

  4. Charlotte: Amazingly, my kids fairly regularly say Thank You. Please, however, often gets forgotten in the rush to acquire whatever it is.

    HMH: Great minds think alike!

    Anthropapa: I only had 8 spaces, and that one’s a bit lower down on the list these days!

  5. Foiled again! I was going to say that you can satisfy your desire to travel abroad by coming way down here for a visit, IF you agreed to be in charge of my bulimic Abbysinian! Or is it my shedding Maine Coon, or wait, the barking dog….
    How’s the snow??

  6. Goodwitch: I wish! I’ve always wanted to visit NZ. I’d even take care of your zoo.

    As of right now there’s no snow, but tomorrow we’re supposed to get 6-8 inches. Yet another reason I’m glad I work from home…I can simply sit here and watch it fall, not worrying about a commute.

  7. And when you visit NZ you must pop across the Tasman to visit me. It’s not far and when you’ve come all this way it would be a shame not to.

    I so agree about having family nearby. This year I’ve felt the distance more keenly than I have previously. I don’t need babysitters; I just need the connection with my family.

    Thank you for the mention. I’m thankful for your blog, too.

  8. Kerryn, of course I would not miss visiting you and Helen both! Besides the pleasure of meeting you and D., I know you would be a wonderful guide to all that is interesting in Australia.

  9. 56 more reasons why you’re such a great friend. Well, 57, if you count “completing this infernal meme when infected with the plague of the head.”

    (Have you noticed from all my recent comments that I finally remembered to point my feed reader at your new address? D’oh!)

  10. Papa B: Yeah, thanks for catching up on your reading. Luckily the plague seems to have passed, and I’m on to drawing the ire of Waldorf critics worldwide.

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