Instant Relief from All That Pessimism

So, I’m in the bathroom this evening with Napoleona. She’s just had a bath and I’m trimming her bangs before I dry her hair. She’s admiring a new bracelet I received for Christmas (thank you–you know who you are!), so I start telling her about how when I was a little girl I had a little silver ring from Solvang. I quickly explain that I was much older than she is, just to forestall any incipient demands for sparkly stuff, and I also tell her how I lost the ring and was very sad.

She pipes up with the following:

“Mama, when I get jewelry I’m going to save it for when I’m a queen in my castle, and Oliver [a little boy she met last summer] is the king. Then I’m going to invite all the poor people to come live there to be princes and princesses.”

That’s my sweet little egalitarian princess.  It’s enough to warm the heart of those who decry the hegemony of the fairy aristocracy.

See, I told you the next post would be nice!


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2 responses to “Instant Relief from All That Pessimism

  1. Eve

    I like your “not nice” posts as well as the “nice.” That’s what I’ll say for starters… and also, this is just sweet.

    The photographs of the fellow who decries “the hegemony of the fairy aristocracy” are wonderful and disturbing. I’m glad you linked to his blog, because it led me down a yellow brick road that was a decided departure.

    Finally, the photos of Solvang. I’ve never been there; it appears entrancing, a fairy kingdom of its own. How do you work these miracles? Just a few short paragraphs, and so much to delight in.

  2. Eve, I feel like you dropped a bunch of flowers in my inbox today…thank you for your kind words (which are quite welcome on a day when my kids decided to wake up, oh, an hour earlier than usual!)

    Dutch’s photos are indeed wonderful. You might also like his Greek myth graffiti alphabet book available from He and his wife are great writers as well. (I’m a little short of descriptive adjectives this evening, sorry.)

    Solvang is interesting, though I can’t say much about it from an adult’s perspective. They filmed Sideways around there, and my husband went to high school near there…it’s an old-fashioned Danish “town” dropped in the middle of vineyards and California strip mall cities. I would love to go there sometime to see what the proportion of tourist tacky vs. authenticity is.

    Sometimes I wonder about the short attention span of blogging (at least typical blogging…your posts are wonderful because of their length!) and then I remember that sometimes it’s nice to give and receive little jewels as well as big loads of treasure.

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