Christmas Crafty Roundup

Well, I never got around to posting any pictures of our Advent table, which I will do as soon as I take a picture of the latest one!

But, I thought I would finally post some more good Christmas cheer, to further make up for my two depressing posts.

A few days before The Big Day, we discovered that we could not find any of our stockings, except for mine. Which was a good thing, since mine was made for me by my crafty grandmother and is a sentimental treasure.

But a bad thing, in that there were three other people in the house expecting something nice from Santa. So, the kids and I whipped up some felt stockings! Napoleona sewed up the yellow/red one, SillyBilly the tall  red/white one. I made the others, including little ones for the cats at the kids’ insistence.

Here is my lovely stocking knitted by Grandma:

(The cat is there to give scale. And he’s too lazy to move.)

And because I know you all didn’t get enough of those groovy beaded ornaments, here’s another, a bird:

The requisite Waldorf wool angel:

Normally we are a placemat family (easier to wash, and the kids have laminated ones), but for Christmas dinner we eat in style, with yet more crafty goodness from Grandma, her cross stitch tablecloth and napkins:

For a holiday party at Anthropapa’s work, the kids and I made ginger snaps:

(I did the icing, the kids helped make the cookies.)

And last but not least, the farm play rug I’ve been working on since before last Christmas (I naively thought it would be a quick project. Ha!):



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5 responses to “Christmas Crafty Roundup

  1. Malyvacsiga

    What a play rug, VERY cool!
    Hah, we didn’t even bother with tablecloth at Xmas, you see, we eat cheese fondue, and tehre are ineviably some accidents with the melted cheese… 🙂
    I love the beaded bird, lovely!
    ANd Napoleona made the stiched up tejh stocking herself?! WOW!
    Merry Christmas, by the way!

  2. Looks like you had a good time. My hubbie has decided that he wants a new stocking so I’m going to try and knit one up this week while I”m still inspired about the holidays!

  3. I love the play rug. Did you follow any pattern or make it up as you go? Is that some latch hooking I see? So many questions…

    Your stocking, the one that your Grandma knit for you, is lovely but so are the ones that you whipped up at short notice. I think, like Sarah, I’m going to knit one or two up this year, just to see if I can do it.

  4. Eve

    I too love the play rug. What a great idea!

    What kind of cookies are those? They look delicious.

  5. Eve: They’re ginger snaps, from Joy of Cooking. They were yummy!

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