I’d be witty, but I’m coughing too hard

I knew I should have knocked wood when I published that last post.

The kids are on the mend, though SillyBilly still has a worrisome cough.

Anthropapa and I, however, are whining and moaning as we go through several boxes of tissues, decongestant tablets, and cough drops. Annihilation of predisposition, any day now!

So in the interest of providing something interesting to my loyal readers in the absence of spare post-writing brain cells, I share with you this amazing website of photos of extremely old people. Amazing how the human face begins to look like carved wood, or cracked mud, at such advanced ages. And the eyebrows! Crazy professor eyebrows! In all seriousness, the stories and photos are amazing.



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5 responses to “I’d be witty, but I’m coughing too hard

  1. Hope you get better soon. We had the same in the run-up to Christmas, but now seem to be well again. Wishing you wellness!

  2. I’ve been thinking about you, freezing your bunzies off in the cold weather. I always warn my kids to GET ME SICK FIRST! Then, I can nurse them better when it’s their turn.

    Feel better and remember to take time to take care of yourself (and dh!).

  3. Charl: Thanks. I’m glad you all are feeling well again.

    Polly: The sad thing is that it’s been relatively warm, in the 50sF! No snow in sight, and over the weekend it would have been perfect to run the kids around outside. But no, we were taking turns sleeping on the couch and trying to get them to play moderately quietly before our heads exploded!

  4. Yup, with you all the way on this one. Our house is a giant tissue box. And they’re all snotty. Even Ivy’s had the sniffles (nothing more pathetic than a sneezing five week old)

  5. URD: Hope you all get better soon. They are pitiful, but also there’s nothing cuter than a little baby sneeze. Just trying to look on the bright side, I guess!

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