It never just rains…

Title courtesy the lovely Kerryn, in comments in my last post…

Let’s see what’s happened this last week:

  1. Found out the boy’s got a hearing problem. Now we have a child that will be considered disabled. Still having a hard time really processing that emotionally.
  2. Had to get our applications done for Waldorf kindergarten in the fall. Which included a four-page application for each kid in which I had to dredge up recall their births, when they cut teeth, crawled, walked, and talked, and also a short written essay about why we are choosing Waldorf. Felt like writing one sentence: “Because we’re anthros, duh!” I wrote three nice paragraphs instead.
  3. Had to get started on paperwork and appointment setting for the boy’s hearing aids. Which includes dredging up last year’s tax return among other things.
  4. One day this week, the power went out briefly while I drove the kids to daycare, somehow rendering my computer utterly unresponsive. The computer with all of my work files, and all of our pictures of the kids. We were panicked, and thought it would require advanced resuscitation. Luckily we live 5 minutes from an Apple store. Even more luckily, the Genius told us it wasn’t unconscious at all, it just needed a little nap to recover from being so rudely shut down. Note to self: have serious discussion with husband personal IT professional about getting a backup system.
  5. Received three (!) inquiries about copy editing via that publisher I never thought I’d hear from. I’m on the brink of turning down work here…just in time to have to go to lots of appointments.
  6. Worried all day about this little ice storm we’re having. Worried that the steep hill we have to traverse to get to daycare would be too slippery at pickup time. Glad we just renewed our AAA membership in case we end up in a ditch. Glad that it ended up not slippery at all.

So, things have been busy, even a bit stressful. I’ve even let my Scrabulous games slide a bit. So, I’m going with a meme to keep things simple today.

I’ve been off memes for a while, but this one just struck my fancy. From (un)relaxeddad and L.A. Daddy:

  1. The first title on this page is the name of your band.
  2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album. Click the “New Random Quotations” button for more.
  3. The third picture on this page will be your album cover. You then take the photo and add your band name and the album title to it, then post your picture. Please don’t forget to give credit.

Introducing the breakout debut album from…

Făt-Frumos with the Golden Hair:

Life That Much Sweeter

(Photo courtesy Aline Barcelos)


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9 responses to “It never just rains…

  1. Wow. No, it never just rains. The hearing problem requires you to come to terms on so many levels…
    Is there quite a bit of competition for the Waldorf School?

    I think you’re album title sums up what you will see when you look back on all of this…

  2. The hearing thing is very tough – but I’ve learned a lot from working with the two seriously deaf colleagues I have. One depends on a mixture of lipreading and some level of hearing (though that’s deteriorating). The other is (I think) profoundly deaf and has a hearing dog. Both take absolutely no prisoners in the best of ways!

    Back-ups – we’ve just got one of those little USB portable drives, 160gb one, to back up both our laptops on. Also, I now keep all my photos uploaded on a Flickr Pro account (as well as conventional backups) and keep copies of important docs in gmail (post to self and archive)

  3. SusieJ: I wouldn’t say there is competition per se, but there are often waiting lists, especially for kindergarten. The schools tend to be on the small side — 30-ish kids per grade, slightly smaller in high school, but there are often several kindergarten classes. I thought that album title was apropos too!

    URD: I had a very good friend at my first adult job who was hearing impaired. She and her deaf friends were definitely very strong people. I’m not willing yet to say that we will be part of the deaf culture — partly a defensive mechanism and partly realistic, I think.
    I have a Flickr Pro account too, but haven’t gotten around to uploading all the old stuff yet. And now I’m scared that Microsoft will do away with Flickr if its takeover is successful! I’ve thought about using Gmail that way too.

  4. Bex

    Phew! I think you deserve a little sit down.
    As for your album, how cool is it!?! Xxx

  5. Uh crap. Hang in there. You, Anthropapa, and your kids are smart, strong, resilient, and blessed with a good sense of humor. You will get through all of this.

  6. Now, see… I’d buy that album.

  7. Bex: These days if I’m sitting down, it’s in front of this computer either blogging or working! But I won’t complain about that : )

    PapaB: Oh, yeah, I’ve got that sense of humor around here somewhere….

    LA Daddy: I wonder what kind of band that would be?

  8. Oh, Henitsirk! Sorry to hear about the hearing issues for Billy.

    I don’t know if this will help any at all, but I think it is a mistake to label people as “disabled”. Somehow that feels so negative. He can’t hear as well as we do. Does that mean he can’t hear at all, is it getting worse? It means that some of his other senses will likely develop more than we develop ours. Does that mean we are disabled because we are not as sensitive to the vibrations we feel through the floor? Or is each one of us uniquely abled in different ways?

    A dog smells thousands of more times more sensitively than we do. Does this make us disabled, or just different?

  9. HMH: I don’t think I consider him disabled. I just realized that he will be defined that way, at least by governmental entities. The other day I realized one upside: he might find it easier to get into college : )

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