Silly Syllables

Tonight after dinner we were talking about something or other….which rapidly degenerated into me writing the following tongue twister, to the delight of the kids:

Since sampling stupendous spicy salsa snacks Saturday,  Solomon’s silly sister savors superb Sunday snow sled sliding.

Inspired by having chips and salsa with our burritos for dinner, and by the lovely, fluffy snow that fell this afternoon, which led to an hour or so of wonderful snow play. Too bad it’s all turning to ice and sleet right now, and rain all day tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Silly Syllables

  1. Our most recent one was Sha Cha Tofu, which made 3B laugh for the entire ride home from picking up take out.

  2. Papa B, you’ve reminded me of char siu bao (which, being stuffed with BBQ pork, I know won’t be on your menu). Now I’m craving dim sum, and it’s 10:15 pm and the closest dim sum is 45 minutes away in NYC. Damn!

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