Getting a Clue

Four obvious clues that your kid might be feeling sick:

  1. Voluntarily laying lying down on the bed at 4 pm.
  2. Eating 3 bites of lunch and then being full, but drinking herb tea like it’s going out of style.
  3. Crying inconsolably at daycare.
  4. Not playing. With anything.

Four clues that were not so obvious over the last two days:

  1. Liberally peppering all conversation with potty words, in a slightly manic sort of way.
  2. Refusing to stop said potty words, regardless of the disciplinary action taken.
  3. Laughing in our faces during said disciplinary actions.
  4. A lingering and worsening dry cough.

Ah, the 20/20 hindsight.

Napoleona had to come home from daycare before lunch today because she was crying and saying her ear hurt. I brought her home and put her in my bed with a few books, made a quick onion poultice for her ear, and snuggled in to read a few stories. After a few minutes, she said her ear felt mostly better.

Then I noticed how red her cheeks were, which I must have previously chalked up to the icy cold air outside. She had a temp of about 103.5!

She had a tiny lunch and a long nap, after which her temp was down to 101.5. After dinner she either sat on the couch reading a book with me, or laid on her bed, all the while coughing like her throat was tickling. Right before bedtime her temp was back up to 103ish.

Clearly she’s working through some sort of virus. Probably the same virus that has been lurking around our house for the last few weeks. She seems to have avoided the conjunctivitis SillyBilly started on Wednesday night, but neither of them have fully recovered from their last cold a few weeks ago–what we not-so-fondly call the “lingering ick”.

And of course all this is happening after daycare was closed for three days because the owner was sick with the flu and SillyBilly stayed home with me yesterday to see the doctor for his pinkeye. I think I’ve worked about 4 hours this whole week, instead of my goal of 5-6 hours a day. Sigh.

Please, O Loyal Readers, say a prayer to your deity of choice that Napoleona wakes up her usual bouncy self tomorrow morning and that no icky green gunk sticks SillyBilly’s eyelids together tonight. And if you’d like to add in a little one for my odd sore throat to disappear as well, I’d be eternally grateful.

Update: Napoleona’s fever was mostly gone today. But, now SillyBilly’s got a 103 fever. And they’re both coughing and dragging around. I guess I should be grateful it’s the weekend and not a school/work day. Sigh.



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22 responses to “Getting a Clue

  1. It’s funny sometimes that when our children are being to rambunctious (sp?) at home we tell them to settle down. But when they are sick we would give anything to see them tear up the place.

  2. If you are already doing this, then ignore my unsloicited advice. For all eye problems, we find it effective to make eyebright tea (carefully filtering it to get the particulate matter out) and then washing the child’s eye with the it using cotton balls, swabs, or makeup removal pads (if you keep the latter sort of politically-questionable thing around your house). It’s essential that what you use to clean the eye is sterile and disposable.

    Just a suggestion. You can at a touch of chamomile (if the child isn’t allergic to it!!!), to help soothe the inflamation.

    Editor’s “gotcha”: lie is what you do with your own body. Lay is what you do to an object. I’m going to lie down on the couch, but I’m going to lay the child on the couch. Though you can use oneself as an object, as in I am going to lay myself on the couch. Sorry. Occupational hazard.

    Though I’m sure you could pick my punctuation apart if you wanted to.

  3. By the way: in spite of all the wonderful things people say about WordPress, I don’t like the fact that you can’t preview your comments (or else I would have fixed the formatting of my italics in the previous comment).

    Speaking of inner virgos: depite my vague and mystical pisces rising sign, I have virgo rising. Can you tell?

  4. Wishing you all amazing wellness, and, as another work from home Mama to whom the few free hours a day are immeasurably precious, I wish you the hours you need free and available to you to get your work done.

  5. That has happened to me before–I’m annoyed at behavior and then feel all guilty because actually they were sick. Our dog came home from the kennel with eye goop. My eyes have felt yucky all week. I don’t know if we can catch it from the dog or if I just have sympathy pains :). Hope you all get better soon. I think we all need some fresh air. Wish I could open my windows but…20 below yesterday and snowing today!

  6. Wah, I hope you all feel much better tomorrow. I know the feeling of dread when a child shows signs of being ill, especially anything to do with ears or chest. One sneeze and I’m a basketcase. Hyper-not-sleeping-ness is one of Kiko’s signs that I never get while it’s going on, but which always seems so obvious in hindsight (and then I feel terrible for labeling the hyper-not-sleeping-ness as naughtiness…)

    Hey, I’m Virgo rising too…

  7. I hear you- there seems to be a lot of that going around!

  8. Nana

    Message for Scribbler: check your spelling of unsolicited, probably just a typo.

    My brain and eyes automatically edit what I’m reading.

    Very Visually Oriented Aries Rising Perfectionist 🙂

  9. Chris: Welcome to my blog! Sometimes I catch myself giving conflicting demands/requests/guidance all in the same breath! Occupational hazard, I guess.

    Scribbler: We started with some Similasan homeopathic drops for pinkeye, which contain eyebright–but to be honest, I didn’t want to wait and lose more days of work time. We ended up getting some tobramycin drops from the pediatrician, which have indeed worked well. I have been trying to turn off my inner editor when I’m blogging, particularly when I’m blogging late at night : ) You are indeed correct regarding lie/lay. And comment preview is one missing feature of WordPress…I fixed your italics. I have 6 houses in Virgo…watch out!

    Charl: Thanks. I squeezed in 1.5 hours today, so that’s a start.

    Helen: Isn’t that the worst, just when they need more rest than ever?

    NQCP: The pediatrician said the ick seems to be nationwide this year!

    Nana: Good catch, you VVOARP.
    Sarah: We’re not quite as cold as that (20 above, here) but certainly not going to open any windows soon. My kids definitely need some time outside!

  10. Oooh, poor baby…and poor mommy. We are thinking of you and sending big health vibes to the wee gal. <> Just take the time to review your homeopathic first aid kit, sleep when you can, and remember to rely on Anthropapa if you need to. Wish we were there to help 🙂

  11. Goodwitch: Thanks…I hope you are feeling better too! Anthropapa is always right there helping. Or not even “helping,” since that assumes that I am the primary actor. He has always been 1/2 of the equation (except for the bearing and breastfeeding of the children, of course, but he tries his best to make up for that!)

  12. Ouch! Just when I get on my high horse about usage, I lace my comments with copious typos. Let’s blame it on the lack of preview! 😉

    My best wishes for abundant health in your household. (Now, let’s reread that again. Hmmm. No typos. I think. Be brave, now! Push the submit button!)

  13. I’m making lots of wishes for healthy babies and healthy mama (and papa, too). Hope you all find wellness soon and that it decides to stick around for a while.

  14. Scribbler: Not to worry. The editor has left the building.

    Kerryn: Thanks. Spring is coming, if I have to will it here!

  15. Ah, when one has it, *everyone* has it!! I keep giving Kiko’s Daddy a row for bringing lurgies home from work because I know what is going to happen next. I hope you’re all feeling much better tomorrow and that next week is a great week.

  16. susiej

    So true. The times when they are trying our patience the most — always turns out to be because something is “wrong” — but we rarely see it before it’s too late. Very insightful.
    March typically is a “sicky” month. I hope health is on its way.

  17. SusieJ: Thanks…the boy is home again today with a tummy ache, fever, and lots o’ mucus. And I feel like warmed-over pond scum, myself. I hope February was our sicky month and March starts us in a different direction!

  18. Oh lord! That’s very, very hard. Pinkeye is horrid. And fevers are worse. Hope they’re all much better by now. Is it just me or is it worse this winter than previously? (Or is it just because it’s our first winter with two of them).

  19. URD: Well, the tobrex seemed to do the trick on the pinkeye. Luckily SillyBilly tolerates fevers quite well. Seems like this has been a bad winter, but my kids are more exposed to others (in daycare) than before.

    And I was just saying on Saturday after Napoleona got sick: “It would be good for SillyBilly to get a fever, to work through some things.” Boy, he’s working hard at it!

  20. Bex

    Oh no! Not you too? I woke with no voice this morning myself.
    I hope your babies are bouncier today & you are feeling better too.
    Could it be that we are spreading this through blogging? 😉 Xxx

  21. Bex: I hope not! Both kidlets went to daycare this morning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get some work done today. I still feel like I’ve been scraped up off the floor, but I’ll survive.

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