Odd Nosh, Odder Kids

My kids never cease to amaze me. They love to eat, and are so very not picky. I know there are kids out there who would love to subsist entirely on peanut butter and jelly. I am so grateful that we aren’t in that scenario!

The reason I bring this up is that tonight, while I was preparing dinner, it occurred to me how odd the meal was. Essentially a fanfare of leftovers: I fried some pancakes made with yesterday’s brown rice, and topped them with yesterday’s kale and bits of italian sausage, plus some sesame seaweed salad I picked up at the co-op.

Completely yummy, right? But what would the kids say?

As God is my witness, they said yum. And ate it all up, and asked for seconds. They would have eaten up the portion waiting for Papa to come home, if I had let them (which of course I didn’t…I gave them cookies for dessert instead).

Actually, in addition to yum, they asked me if they could have this again for dinner tomorrow.

I love them!



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6 responses to “Odd Nosh, Odder Kids

  1. sillyspring

    i stumbled upon your site & had to say-omigoodness! you are blessed with good kids! one of my guys is so picky he practically has a 3 day rule: if he’s tasted & loved it 3 days in his life, he won’t like it again…..grrrr! 🙂 i enjoyed the entry! have a wonderful night!

  2. That was a creative use of leftovers. My kids aren’t too picky as long as they haven’t been exposed to any negative views of particular food. It’s a little frustrating to have them be just fine with something, hear another kid complain about it, and then they won’t eat it either.

  3. How fantastic that they are so not fussy. I mean, kale?! My kids, though fond of broccoli, would not countenance kale.

  4. OK, I gotta admit, I would so NOT eat that !!!! 🙂
    I remember when my kids were little and they would eat ANYTHING. Then, Biggie hit 5, decided she would be picky and convinced her little sister to go along with it….that’s what I get for teaching them the word Solidarity at such a young age!

  5. I’m not sure whether I would eat that combination — it sounds lovely but eh, not sure. My siblings have got a bunch of picky eaters who started out eating anything. I hope your kids avoid that particular phase.

  6. Sillyspring: Welcome! I’m sure that must be frustrating. I guess you are called to be very creative with meals!

    Dawn: I almost always follow a rice meal with rice pancakes…it’s an easy way to use it all up. I never considered the peer pressure aspect…I guess we’ve been lucky in that regard.

    Charlotte: I am especially glad about the kale, because the anthro. doctor specifically mentioned leafy greens for SillyBilly’s asthma.

    Goodwitch: Certainly, I don’t expect it’s for everyone to like! I could probably largely subsist on that seaweed salad though. It’s the same that you get in sushi bars, and the sesame is so, so good! I think kids might go through picky phases in order to exert some control in their lives, which is an OK thing in general. One of my stepbrothers evidently didn’t touch a green vegetable until high school, and he’s pretty healthy!

    Kerryn: It’s hard to describe the flavor combinations, but it was really quite yummy! But again, the oddness of it is why I had to post this in the first place, so you may be exempted from ever eating it : )

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