A Document Anyone Can Edit?

I know I recently commented that I generally shy away from politics, but this was just too funny to pass by. Plus I have a headache and still need to color eggs with the kids this afternoon.

Found via a recent Language Log post, a combination of two things I like, geeky comics and Wikipedia:

Semi-protect the Constitution

(Part of me wishes there were a “citation needed” HTML code you could insert in people’s offbase rants on their blogs. But I guess that wouldn’t be very nice. Wikipedia editors have to have tougher skins, however.) 

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One response to “A Document Anyone Can Edit?

  1. Nana

    This has absolutely no relationship to this blog entry, but I must share what happened today.

    We shall call it The Miracle of Spring in Nana’s Backyard.

    I was busy with some kitchen clean-up duties when I looked out and saw a very tiny bird (could have been a wren) busily building a nest in one of our bird houses.

    I stood transfixed as she flew to the ground and picked up a bit of dried vegetation. Then she flew onto a branch in one of the birch trees, which have tons of leaves. Apparently when she felt it was safe, she flew up to the bird house and hopped inside.
    Having completed her task she peeked out from the hole in the bird house and repeated the whole process several times.

    I cried.

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