I Bow to the Peer Pressure…

…and post something about Easter. I’m feeling like tuning out to some trashy novel or stupid online game right now, but I will indeed describe our day.

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs, using the old-fashioned food coloring method, and the Waldorfy tissue-paper method (wet tissue laid on the eggs, thereby staining them). Some of them had crayon scribbles for added fun. The eggs came out very pretty, and we had a treat of deviled eggs made from the ones that cracked and couldn’t be dyed.

The kids decorated the windows with some spring window cling pictures we got at the store, and then some unusual spirit moved them (the kids, not the clings) and they proceeded to run around the house cleaning. And it wasn’t just the kind of play cleaning they usually do, swiping at the floor with a dust broom or swiping at the windows with a damp rag. This was no-holds-barred cleaning: they moved all the chairs from our dining table and swept underneath, put all the chairs back, tidied up all their piles of boots by the door, swept up the stray cat food and litter from the hallway, and with my help cleaned up their whole room.

At one point Napoleona said that they were doing all the work so that Mama and Papa could sit on the couch and read. To which I said, amen.

We updated our nature table with a bunny picture and some caterpillars we made the other day (wool roving wrapped around pipe cleaners). I put some tulips we bought into a jar and made a little centerpiece with eggs and crystals.

The kids insisted that I read about Good Friday from their new bible. Then SillyBilly asked, why do we call it Good Friday? I explained how you could look at the crucifixion as something good because Jesus went through all that suffering to show us that we are truly eternal and cannot die. The kids seemed to be fine with that answer.

This morning they arose not too early, and could see Easter eggs in the yard waiting for them. It was quite cold, probably around 25F, so we bundled up and went outside. Only to find that some creatures had eaten half the eggs I had put out last night! So, the egg hunt was fairly short and the pickings were pretty slim. We chalked it up to evidence of how hungry the animals are in the spring. SillyBilly only found three eggs, but at least he had groovy boots on.

Then we returned to our warm house and had buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. The kids then insisted that I read about Easter from the bible, and then the Sermon on the Mount. (I read about 1/5 of the sermon–that’s a long one.)

The kids and I spent a while outside later on once it had warmed up a bit, puttering around the yard, gathering some stones from the forest in our red wagon to use as flower bed borders. SillyBilly fell in the brook and so we had to rush inside to toss him in a warm bath.

After lunch the kids had their one chocolate bunny each. Naptime was pretty hellish, as was much of the evening. Hence, I hear some chocolate and a novel calling my name.

Happy Easter/Equinox/Purim everyone!



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10 responses to “I Bow to the Peer Pressure…

  1. Poor SillyBilly! It looks awfully cold to be falling in the water from the looks of your pictures. It sounds like a wonderful day otherwise. I hope you enjoy your novel and your chocolate 😉

  2. Sounds lovely apart from the falling in the brook bit. We have had tulips in the house too, and I love how springy they make things look.

  3. Love your cleaning story! Figuring out something to do in our snowy world that was appropriately Eastery for us was tricky. Maybe I should have just driven us all south 🙂

  4. Bex

    Happy Spring! I’m glad you had a nice Easter, any chance of sending those tidy kids over to mine? Xxx

  5. Wow… what a great Easter. Glad you posted it. This was refreshing.

  6. Well, I hope in a few years time Kiko is asking me to read from the bible to him! (And cleaning the house too!) Currently, at mass, he uses his holy books as slides for whatever teddies he’s smuggled with him. Or he’s hammering the living daylights out of the pews. I live in hope…

    I love SillyBilly’s boots and brrrrr I bet that river was cold! I wonder what ate the eggs? Maybe it was the Gruffalo?!

  7. I love your tulips! It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter (yes, apart from the falling in the brook part).

  8. Yes, it was a bit cold, and I didn’t see him fall in the brook, but it was pretty much just one leg that got wet. No harm done, and he needed a bath anyway : )

  9. I am soooo happy to see that someone else uses canning jars as vases!! (“See, DH, it’s not just me!”)

  10. Goodwitch: I have a beautiful but too big vase, and a nice but too small vase…and a canning jar was just right! Next time I’ll gussy it up with a ribbon or something : )

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