Hmmm…I smell a rat

Or maybe a poisson.

Aren’t the folks at Google so great for offering this new feature today?

Somehow I think this won’t be available tomorrow….


Filed under computers, Silliness and Mayhem

4 responses to “Hmmm…I smell a rat

  1. You got me. Totally. I was getting ready to rant about integrity, and not to mention the confusion of not seeing your most recent mail on top… and then ahhhh.

  2. Bex

    Pah! Hahahahahahaha! Xxx

  3. I didn’t catch it, even with some of the questionably silly text, until I read the “beta user testimonials”.

  4. Oh, geez! Hahaha! I didn’t see this one on April first, but I did read a fake announcement saying that LinkedIn would begin charging basic users $5 a month to maintain their profiles. They had me going for a minute.

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