Earth Art

At some point, Anthropapa became aware of and interested in Andy Goldsworthy‘s earth art. We have one or two of his books, and last year we got the film Rivers and Tides from Netflix. I am quite jealous of Goldsworthy–living in Scotland, puttering around making art from bracken stems and logs. (Of course I would never be so condescending as to think of making art as “puttering”… it’s just the image that comes to mind when I think about making earth art.) He’s been doing it for a long time, and has had installations all around the world. This spring, we hope to make it up to Storm King (winner, best name for a museum, hands down) to see one of his pieces.

Last week our property manager had a tree cut down in our front yard. This mature maple was rotting, and as it was about 10 feet from our house, it had to come down. Luckily for us, they left all the big stumps and logs, and only put the smaller branches through their chipper. Woo hoo! Instant yard toys.

Later that morning, I went downstairs and checked out the pile. This was a treasure trove too valuable to pass up, so I proceeded to roll a bunch of the huge trunk pieces over to a better spot. Have I mentioned how heavy maple wood is? I didn’t feel like it was that difficult at the time, but the next day my back was in awful shape.

But it was all worth it, when I nonchalantly led the kids into the yard that afternoon after picking them up from daycare. They were amazed! And then they got right to work.

This is their creation, their “house.” They moved all the smaller log pieces and sticks themselves, and filled in the walls and made roofs. After we talked about making some kind of sunshade out of an old sheet when the weather warms up, they also brought in long branches from the woods to use later as poles. Who knows what they’ll make of it next.

The proud sculptors:


Photo of Goldsworthy installation at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park by dvdbramhall.


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3 responses to “Earth Art

  1. renaissancemama

    What lucky kids to have such a fun and resourceful mom! I had a sculpture teacher in college who had us try this kind of art, and she used the Yorkshire Sculpture park as inspiration- it was a lot of fun.

  2. Bex

    I can’t think of anything more fun! Can we come over? Xxx

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