Healthy, Homemade Junk Food?

I know, sounds like a complete oxymoron. Or moron something-or-other.

But I just found this through my daily Craft blog feed: homemade Magic Shell! (Not sure if this product is sold outside the US. For those unfamiliar with this miracle of modern food science: it’s a fairly odd chocolate liquid that hardens on contact with ice cream.)

Now, Anthropapa and I have indulged in the storebought version many times. It tries very hard to taste like chocolate, and it’s full of hydrogenated this and emulsifier that. Not exactly in line with our dietary aspirations.

But this recipe has a grand total of three ingredients: chocolate, coconut oil, and salt.

I can so very much get behind this recipe. We always have coconut oil in our pantry, as it’s a very healthy oil (especially for children).

Pardon me, I must go out and get some chocolate and a squeeze bottle.

* * * * *

Photo by *Micky.


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16 responses to “Healthy, Homemade Junk Food?

  1. renaissancemama

    I haven’t had any of that in years because of the hydrogenated fats but I do love it. I’m going to try this- my husband’s birthday is tomorrow. Yum! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds yum! At the moment we’re off of ice cream (and all dairy, nuts and soy), due to our youngest’s skin condition, but I will have to try this in a few months!

  3. Hopewaits

    I have never had coconut oil. Does it have a strong or mild coconut taste?

  4. Oh yum. Just plain old “yum.”

  5. I always have coconut oil, and chocolate (secret stash)…..
    I think we will have to try this, we occasionally make homemade ice cream when we have some extra milk from our cow, real vanilla ice cream with homemade magic shell…..

  6. Renmama: You’re welcome!

    Szilvi: The kids have been off most dairy products for a while because of mucus issues, but we adults have consumed lots of ice cream. Now the weather’s getting warmer, woo hoo!

    Hopewaits: Evidently there are different grades of coconut oil that have different amounts of coconut flavor. We use Nutiva brand extra virgin organic, which smells quite strongly in the jar, but doesn’t add much flavor in cooking.

    Tammy: Yup!

    Lisa Anne: I have a secret stash of chocolate in my desk that I recently discovered is not so secret, as my son quite honestly said that he knew very well which box it was! Can I come to your house for dessert?

  7. Oh my goodness! I used to love this when I was a kid. I have forgotten the brand name in UK but it came in all sorts of no-doubt-incredibly-bad-for-you flavours which tasted lovely! We were so excited to watch the chocolate harden. I’d never even heard of coconut oil before, I will have to seek it out. I know a certain small person who would love this.

  8. One of my hobbies is soapmaking (hot process from scratch using lye and oils) and as a soaper I learned that there are different kinds of coconut oil on the market.

    92 degree coconut oil is solid (at room temperatures up to 92 degrees, hence the name) because it’s hydrogenated, with a consistency a bit like Crisco.

    76 degree coconut oil is semi-solid to soupy at room temperature (at least it is in my kitchen).

    There is a third kind called fractionated coconut oil, but I’m not sure what that’s like. I’ve only used 76 and 92 degree coconut oil.

    I had previously looked at the ingredients on Magic Shell and I think I remember seeing coconut oil as an ingredient. At the time, I wondered: Which coconut oil would they use? I guessed the 76 degree because it should stay liquid-ish at room temperature but would harden on contact with frigid ice cream. . .

    What kind do you use?

  9. Ahh . . . I see it in your comment and found it online:

    I see in Nutiva’s description that it is unhydrogenated and I’m getting very interested . . . Did it work? Was it good?

  10. Julie: I haven’t tried it yet! This weekend I will report back, as I have been having serious ice cream cravings with the warming weather.

    Nutiva is definitely unhydrogenated. In the summer it gets very soft and even melts on the shelf. We put a spoonful in our oatmeal instead of or with butter, or in pancakes.

  11. Henitsirk,
    the saddest thing of ALL, is that the other day my husband announced, that even after Timothy is off the diet, he might stay vegan, for calorie intake and aging issues. Maybe you could talk some sense into him. 😉 That secretly eating ice-cream with your wife after the kids are all in bed is very good marriage-maintanace?! 😛

  12. Heh, yesterday as I was walking down the street, I remembered the brand name of the shop-bought version of this in UK when I was a kid – Ice Magic! We loved it!

  13. Szilvi: It is indeed a form of marriage therapy : ) I can’t say I’ve ever been attracted to a vegan diet. I think the Nourishing Traditions diet has a lot going for it, if you have access to raw dairy and organic meat.

  14. Aaah! I love you! I can’t wait until Coconut Oil is once again available in NZ. (We have been told that Global Demand is at an all-time high and therefore we don’t get any…what are we, chopped liver??)

  15. Goodwitch: Do I have to overnight some to you? : )

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