An Update on the Boy

It occurred to me that I dropped the hearing loss bomb here in the blog a long time ago, and then never mentioned it again. We were pretty much just waiting to get our taxes done, so that the state could approve us for aid to pay for the hearing aids. That’s finally done, so we should have an appointment with the audiologist sometime soon.

Today, SillyBilly had another appointment at the Children’s Hospital, this time with the genetics department. They’re going to rule out a genetic abnormality as the cause of his hearing loss. My mama’s instinct tells me it’s not genetic, but it’s better be sure, for his future children (and so that we could have Napoleona tested if necessary).

He had his first blood draw ever (I’m not counting his birth experience, since he was pretty much checked out for those) and he was amazing. He was slightly apprehensive but sat very still, and only drew in his breath rather dramatically when the needle went in. No tears or anything. Of course, the phlebotomist was excellent, as I’m sure one would need to be to draw little kids’ blood all day. And he got a very special pirate skull bandage! Too exciting.

SillyBilly also had an EKG to rule out a heart murmur, which evidently often goes along with some genetic hearing loss. The technician wheeled in this rather small cart, about the dimensions of a two-drawer filing cabinet, with a laptop-sized computer on the top. She stuck sticky tabs to his chest and legs, attached wires to the tabs with clips, turned the thing on, and was done in about 2 minutes. Amazing! The wonders of modern technology.

So, we wait for about 2 months to hear back on the blood tests, and in about 2 weeks he will have a CT scan to make sure his inner ear is formed properly.

May I just say–my boy rocks? He was so good today. Partly because he got to go on a special trip with Mama and Papa, and the hospital does try to make things friendly (they even let him take home a book that was in the exam room, and when you get out of the elevators, each floor has a different mural or even interactive wall art). But he was charming the doctors with his giggles, took our refusal to buy an ice cream for dessert at lunch with equanimity, and stayed chipper until bedtime even without his normal nap.



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9 responses to “An Update on the Boy

  1. What a great kid. I’m sure that was a little scary for him- I know I hate getting my blood drawn. I’m glad things went well for you today.

  2. domesticallyblissed

    What a neat little boy SillyBily is … sounds like it was as good an experience as these things can possibly be!

  3. Glad to hear SillyBilly coped so well, and that it wasn’t all too scary.

  4. I hope all the results turn out well, and that SillyBilly can get his hearing aids soon. I am always so impressed with the staff at our local children’s hospital – what a tough job it must be, yet they always manage to be so positive and child-friendly. Kiko has had the same tests as SillyBilly (for different reasons), the CT scan was the one I freaked out about. Will SB have to have it under general anaesthetic? That was why I freaked out with Kiko but everything went absolutely fine (apart from the results – heh – but even those weren’t *terrible*!)

  5. Helen: Woah, they didn’t mention anesthesia! Maybe the sedation is just for babies who don’t understand “lay still”.

  6. SillyBilly is so much braver than I am, I get so dizzy when they take blood, I have to eat something before I stand up. I am a big “Chicken”. SillyBilly is so strong to go through this with a sense of humor, he has the right attitude, this is the kind of person who really inspires me.

  7. Lou had a CT Scans when she was two–first with anesthesia, later without. She was a very calm kid to begin with, but what helped was a laptop DVD player that we placed at her feet. She rolled right into the CT Scan while watching Little Bear 🙂 Now, they were scanning her chest, not her head so there could be a difference in how still SillyBilly will need to be. And, may I say…SillyBilly may be brave, but his Mama and Papa are even more so.

  8. Lisa Anne: I am one of those people who finds medical things fascinating, and I always watch while my blood is being drawn! But I also have tried to instill in my kids the feeling that sometimes things hurt or are uncomfortable or scary, but it’s best to just breathe and be calm, and they usually turn out to be not as bad as we thought they would be.

    Sarah: Now I’m starting to wonder about this procedure…the hospital staff have not mentioned anything special about how it will work, as if we could just stroll in and have a little CT scan before teatime! But maybe that’s how it will be.

    As for bravery: I’ve always told my kids that being brave means doing something you know you need to or should do, even when you’re scared to do it. Sounds like most of parenting, to be honest!

  9. I think at the hospital that Kiko went to, they did the older kids’ CT scans without general anaesthesia, but I can’t remember the cut-off age, maybe two or three. Kiksy’s was a brain scan and he was in there for ages, the actual scan took half an hour, plus there was the drugging time and recovery time (which hopefully SillyBilly won’t need). It took the best part of a morning and we were first in. I would say – take lots of food!

    By the way, I was so freaked out about the whole procedure, I couldn’t be in the same room with Kiko when they knocked him out. His Daddy went in with him! What a wimp I am! I second what you said about bravery, though.

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