Tired Feet

Are what I have right now. We went to a Barn Dance fundraiser at the local Waldorf school tonight. Several hours in an extremely stuffy gym (which is beautiful–it looks like an overturned viking ship–but has zero ventilation. Maybe when they remodel it they’ll put in windows that open.) full of children running to and fro and country dancing, African drumming and dancing (Napoleona’s favorite: the “African knights” with spears and shields), and lots of people sitting on bleachers, eating cornbread and hot dogs and sweating.

Really, it was fun, and a big treat for the kids to go to something like that, as they haven’t been to many big events before.

But my tootsies sure are tired.



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5 responses to “Tired Feet

  1. domesticallyblissed

    Wow – that sounds like a wonderful night. The barn sounds incredible – even it its stuffy. And cornbread – I’ve never had the stuff but it sounds yummo … its funny how I imagine these funny American foods to taste 🙂

  2. Oh, what a lovely time. They will remember this night forever… with stars!

  3. DB: Cornbread can be really good, if it’s not too dry. The yummiest comes with corn kernels baked in it, and honey butter spread on top!

    Susie: This morning I asked the kids what their favorite thing from last night was. Napoleona still said “the African knights,” but SillyBilly said “running around outside with all the kids.” Sigh. $45 for him to run around outside, which he does every day for free! (But really, I don’t mind.)

  4. I went to the third grade barn dance at Green Meadow last year, It was hot and sweaty but I had so much fun. This is what is so special about this community, there are always people to celebrate life with!

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