This is so me…

How embarrassing is it: my kids will gladly inform you that “Mama is the Bacon Queen! She also loves butter!”




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7 responses to “This is so me…

  1. As long as you are not cooking the bacon in butter…..

  2. I am so right there with you. Butter makes everything better. And bacon, well, it’s a weakness. I do tend to try to compensate for everything by eating too much salad. I just ordered a new cookbook that I hope is going to change my lazy cooking ways. We’ll see.

  3. renaissancemama

    *Sigh*…I’ve been thinking about my need to eat healthier also…I had to buy a new swimsuit yesterday and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  4. Butter works miracles.

    I’ve been stressed by work and life in general lately and I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookies — for the butter. I finally made them today and I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER.

    And if I’d had some bacon, I would have cooked that, too! I’ve been too busy (lazy?) to walk a block to the store this week, so I’ll have to just enjoy what I’ve got.

  5. So funny.. I was contemplating heading off to the store for some yummy bacon and tomatoes to make BLTS for lunch….maybe I’ll do portabello sandwiches instead!

  6. This is me but with chocolate. So terrible… so yummy! I have to also say, one thing I miss now that I’m a vegetarian is eating bacon sandwiches, or “bacon banjos” as my Dad calls them.

    Look, butter is really healthy, OK?? Heh, at least in comparison with margarine it is, I won’t let margarine into the house.

  7. I love bacon and butter, too. Actually, that sounds like a tasty sandwich.

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