Busy Weekend Equals Short Post on Something Random

Napoleona’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’ll post pictures of her party from this weekend then. Did I mention a party? We also went to a going-away party for some work colleagues on Sunday. Ergo, no blogging over the last few days.

Dylan Thomas's fictitious village name of Llareggub, in Dylan's Under Milk Wood, as the name of a boat, seen here moored in harbour of Old Town, Fishguard, Wales, where the Under Milk Wood was filmed.Image via Wikipedia

But I do want to quickly share this article from the Guardian online about Dylan Thomas‘s daughter Aeronwy and his play Under Milk Wood. I went through a phase of loving his poetry when I was a girl–I even wrote a poem dedicated to him, which I am 90% glad/10% sad that I no longer have, because I’m sure it was mortifyingly bad.

I’m always fascinated by learning about people’s lives, their biographies, and how their life situations affected their work. And I’m also willing to laugh at my younger self for not noticing the joke in the name of the town in the play! (see photo)



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2 responses to “Busy Weekend Equals Short Post on Something Random

  1. Sometimes its good to not know too much about the writers we love, I read in a biographical article about him that he beat his wife regularly, that sort of shattered my illusion.
    I know what you mean about teenage poetry, I would burn my books of poetry even if I did still have them.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. renaissancemama

    The poems and journals I wrote during my teenage years are also gone. I hope your daughter’s birthday is a a great one tomorrow.

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