The Girl is Four

We wish you a happy birthday,

A joyous and celebrated birthday,

To our dear Napoleona,

May you live a long, long life!

My dear girl is four years old today. She has celebrated in style, at a little party over the weekend

with friends and a new balance bike.

A balloon monster suddenly appeared

and left chaos in its wake.

This morning we had our customary birthday bagels and lox

and lots of hugs and kisses.

Was it only four years ago that you appeared in the world? We are so very glad you chose to join us.

You’ve been a princess from the start

and we’ll love you forever!



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12 responses to “The Girl is Four

  1. Happy Birthday Napoleona! Hope your new balance bike is fabulous fun.

  2. Kerryn

    Happy Birthday Princess Napoleona!

  3. renaissancemama

    Happy Birthday to your sweet four year old!

  4. Ohmigawd. So cute then. So cute now. Good to see you and Papa too.

    Happy Birthday, Princess!

  5. Nana

    Who are those big kids and what have they done with my babies?

    An investigation by Congress, the FBI, CIA, ICE, IRS, The National Security Council and (for good measure) Scotland Yard is called for. : )

  6. These are just lovely pictures… and what a trip down memory lane! Four years flew — and yet they didn’t, as you’ve both learned so many things.

    Love, love the crown. She is stellar, and fits it beautifully.

  7. What lovely photos. It looks like Napoleona had a great 4th birthday. Eeh, it seems like five minutes since you posted photos from her 3rd birthday. I can’t believe how fast the time goes. I love her cloth crown. Did you make it?

  8. Bex

    Awwwwwwwww,”Hatty Dirtday” to you both! Xxx

  9. Oh beautiful Birthday girl! Blessings on a new year!!

  10. What a beautiful little girl. I love her birthday crown, and it looks like a wonderful party!

  11. Thank you all!

    Helen, I didn’t make the crown (though I’m sure I could!) but bought it here. The cloak was just a big piece of silk I had plant dyed long ago.

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