2008 Vacation, Quickie Update

Sorry, no photos in this one, just a quickie before I forget everything that’s happened.

The kids and I all got some icky cold the first day, probably from the plane flight. We’re all OK, though I am yet again glad we always bring the nebulizer on our trips, because SillyBilly’s asthma kicked right in (the cold plus a modicum of cigarette smoking in Nana’s house plus their new dog, has taxed his system a bit).

We’ve done a few little trips, to the beach and the LA County Museum of Art. Grammy and Grandpa came down this weekend from Washington, so we’ve had three sets of grandparents to enjoy the kids. Today we went to a Memorial Day barbecue at the home of Anthropapa’s cousin who happens to live in the same town as two sets of the grandparents. It’s more relatives than you can shake a stick at…enough relatives to choke a horse…well, there’s some turn of phrase to describe it.

Day before yesterday, Napoleona slipped off the arm of Grandpa’s armchair, and landed hard on the wood floor. At first we thought she might have dislocated her elbow again (she has had nursemaid’s elbow several times) but the trick to reduce the dislocation the pediatrician had showed me didn’t work, so off we went to the ER. They thought she might have a hairline fracture (which didn’t show up on the xray) based on her pain level, so they put her in a splint and sling. Now I need to figure out if my insurance will play nice with covering the follow-up visit with an orthopedist, since we are very far out of our service area.

And of course today she was seemingly without pain and just complained that her arm itched. But one of her grandmas, the ER nurse one, said that sometimes a tiny fracture doesn’t hurt right away. So we’ll see.

Assuming that Napoleona’s arm continues to be OK, and SillyBilly’s asthma doesn’t get worse, Anthropapa and I are looking forward to two nights in a hotel with one slightly fancy dinner out with my dad and stepmom. We’ll probably spend some time with the kids during the days. Probably. (Full disclosure: we haven’t been away from the kids in a very, very long time. The other day we did get away to lunch and movie — Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Wacky Mayan Crystal MacGuffin, which was fun and silly and fluffy, as expected (note to self: Shia LaBeouf is waaaay too young. Quick gawking. And how awesome that Karen Allen looks appropriately older, not some preserved Barbie doll. But, I digress.) But having some truly adult time, plus the luxury of sleeping in, is too good to pass up. Plus then Nana gets the kids to herself too.)

I think that last paragraph had some issues with parentheses, but I’m not going back. More vacation details soon.



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8 responses to “2008 Vacation, Quickie Update

  1. I’m hoping for very well children so that you and Anthropapa can enjoy some richly-deserved time off. We have very kind friends who have invited all three children for a sleepover this weekend, so will be doing some sleeping-in ourselves on Sunday morning. Yay!

  2. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your time alone with Anthropapa!

  3. Sounds like a whirl wind of activity. Thanks for the new word “MacGuffin” I am going to use it as soon as possible, often fancy turn of phrases get lost on my very literal, French partner. The fun of these words often get lost, as I have to explain things and break down their etymological roots, watching an English movie is near impossible with him. “What did he say”, “what does that mean”, “why won’t you answer me” Agh!
    Enjoy the rest of your Vacation.

  4. Aargh, I am soo jealous. I was going to see Indy this weekend, but life was just too full. Yep, Shia is a wee bit young, but really, Harrison Ford was too old when I was four and tho’t that Han Solo was the best thing since sliced bread! I didn’t realise Karen Allen reprised her role. I can’t wait to find out how. Did you know she is a Steiner parent.

    Have a wonderful holiday. I am missing California, so enjoy it for this ex-pat, please.

  5. Eve

    It wouldn’t be a vacation with children without asthma and arm slings, now would it? Hee hee!

    Otherwise, I hope you’re all well and having fun.

  6. No one is too young for us mature ladies to gawk at! Look but don’t touch. Remember, just because you are married doesn’t mean you are dead. I always rationalize it as aesthetic appreciation.

    Sorry about the slings and colds! Maybe she just smacked that nerve that runs past the elbow really hard and now that it has gotten over the shock it really is okay.

  7. Oh my goodness, I hope your two are both doing well now and that Sillybilly’s asthma got better and that Napoleona doesn’t have a fracture. What a holiday! I can relate to that. I’ve had the nebuliser out more times than I would have cared to today. A certain person times his asthma for the weekend and whenever daddy’s away. You start wondering whether to have a hospital bag permanently packed. I get so annoyed that the “preventer” does so little actual preventing.

  8. Enjoy some time alone – you really deserve it! So sorry that you’ve had a few oopses along the way, athsma is scary especially in kids isn’t it – and as for Napolaena’s arm … but I’m sure you guys will still have an awesome time.

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