It’s Sinking In

Antimaterialism 101, overheard at snack time today:

“I want to see a magazine factory. Not Ladybug and animal [Your Big Backyard] magazines. Grown-up magazines, like we have in the drawer in the bathroom…. [Editor’s note: Get your mind out of the gutter and keep reading.]

(Thinking about another word to describe what he’s thinking of) Catalogs … No, I want to see grown-up magazines because catalogs are just trying to sell us things.”



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6 responses to “It’s Sinking In

  1. They’ve got some good parents teaching them these things.

  2. That is pretty funny! And cool – teaching these sorts of values – well done!

  3. Nana

    so, what are the magazines in the bathroom drawer?

  4. Well, mostly catalogs. Magic Cabin, Levengers, Lehman’s, Hearthsong. A few magazines like Utne Reader, Harper’s, or the Waldorf school or Fellowship Community newsletters. Nothing that interesting really, but the kids have picked up on our habit of reading while on the throne. They’ll sit there forever, and of course still get up after lights out to go poop! I’m starting to think we need to remove all catalogs because SillyBilly especially will sit and look at them ad nauseam. That just can’t be good.

  5. Now really, how ARE we supposed to get our minds out of the gutter when the opening is just so large!

  6. Nosy Nana

    hmmm, sounds like interesting reading to me and let’s not forget – my beautiful, brilliant grandchildren are just modeling the behavior of their parents…

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