A Leetle Update…

before I fall off the face of the earth. I have 3 editing projects on the burner right now (censorship in fin-de-siecle Germany, lynchings in North Carolina from the Civil War to WWII, and the effectiveness of leadership training on fraternity members!) so I’m getting prepared for being absolutely swamped. I’m even mixing stove/swamp metaphors already.

Napoleona’s cast was taken off the day before yesterday, and there was no evidence of a fracture. She’s perfectly fine.

They found our van. Someone had pried open the driver’s side door handle, removed the ignition cylinder, and drove it away. Four days later, a surveillance camera at a community college about 35 miles away caught the van being parked, someone getting out, and then the van parked next to it being stolen and ours being abandoned! The mechanic who is repairing it for us says it looks like a professional job, because there was very little damage to the car. All of our possessions were in the car, including our bank deposit slips and the car seat. It’s a mystery.

Otherwise, the weather’s great, the kids are begging me to go swimming in the pond every day (and SillyBilly is much, much braver than last year), and we’re fully stocked with outdoor toys for the season: a badminton set, a tee-ball set, frisbees, sprinklers, and assorted balls. Anthropapa and I just had lunch at the Fellowship Community, where we also bought applesauce, kale, lettuce, and garlic sprouts from their farm store. Over the weekend I’m sure we’ll visit the pond and the Pfeiffer Center farm stand. Ahhhh, summer!



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7 responses to “A Leetle Update…

  1. That’s great news about your van- although I’m sure that was a huge inconvenience for your family in the meantime. Good luck with all your projects over the next few days. Your job sounds so interesting.

  2. Wow! What a week. I’m envious of your swimming hole!

  3. Good luck with your busy week – sounds like some interesting books and will look forward to updates when you ‘surface’.

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  5. Oh no, I just read about your van being pinched – I’m so glad you got it back and that your possessions were untouched. One of the worst aspects of being robbed, in my opinion, is the thought of a hostile stranger going through your stuff.

    I’m glad Napoleona is much better. It sounds as if they are going to have fun playing outdoors. While you’re in warm weather, we’re suddenly freezing! The area we’ve moved to is much colder than the place where we used to live – it’s a shock to the system!

    All the best with your work! While you’re about to fall off the face of the earth, I’ve climbed back on again!

  6. Maybe the person who stole your van just wanted the free tank of gas.

  7. Glad your van’s back (how utterly strange!) and that the leg is fine – I know all too much about casts! Like Helen, I’m just climbing back on as you tumble off…

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