Summer Stuff

Things we’ve done in the forest:

found a mushroom

pretended to be fairies
Fairy Wings

pretended to be pirates
Pirate Queen
climbed stumps and rocks

Things we’ve done in the brook:

spied some fingerling fish
practiced throwing rocks
sailed a paper boat downstream

Things we’ve done around town:

swam in the pond
played tee ball on the lawn
climbed trees
caught a toad
splashed in puddles

Things we’ve done at home:

built a lap loom
foraged for a shuttle in the block box
built a LEGO woodworking bench
sliced carrots
hung slices of grapefruit in a tree as a St. John’s decoration
lost a few teeth

Things we’re looking forward to:

a week at The Nature Place
August at Camp Enchantment
crabbing on the Hudson



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9 responses to “Summer Stuff

  1. Love all the photos! Lots of fun happenings around your place. Good Summer Fun!

  2. Those photos are fabulous!

  3. What a great post! I love all the creative fun and the adorable pictures.

  4. Such great photos!!! And so much fun.

  5. Eve

    Oh, I want to crab on the Hudson, too!

  6. Yay! What a full rich time you all are having! Very inspiring! There’s nothing like a forest with a stream! I’ll be a fairy any day!

  7. That sounds like the best summer EVER.

    The LEGO workbench is fantastic and, hey, now I wanna make a lap loom! And pretend to be a fairie and a pirate, both in the woods and near the brook.

    Thank goodness it’s not too late for me. I just need to schedule some time away from this computer. = )

  8. Those photos are amazing. Surprising what you can really say with photos. Lovely time in the woods.

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