A Hot Date and a Coupla Films

Well, yesterday I forgot to include something in my “interim” post, and then we actually did something interesting last night. So:

Thanks to a good friend who had the kids for a sleepover, Anthropapa and I got to go out on the town last night. Probably not the best financial decision given that we’re moving soon, but sometimes mental health  takes precedence. Also probably the last major fun we’ll have before the hellish insane big move.

We had dinner at Casa del Sol, a funky Mexican restaurant in Nyack. I had Caribbean jerk chicken over mixed field greens with mango, avocado, and pickled sweet red onion. Yum. Also a margarita, which I could only drink half of. I’m just not a drinker.

Then She Found MeImage via Wikipedia

Then we sauntered over to Riverspace to see Helen Hunt‘s new film, Then She Found Me, her directorial debut. It was really, really good. People actually developing and maturing, right up there on the screen. Adoption, death, divorce, reuniting, parenting, infertility, aging, sex, work, religion, betrayal . . . no wonder the film was not produced by a major studio. And Colin Firth, you just can’t go wrong with that.

The big downer was the two tickets on the windshield when we went out to our car after. We never put the new registration sticker in the window, so they thought it had expired. And we hadn’t gotten the car inspected. And the court date is scheduled for after we’re gone! So it looks like we’ll have to pay up, just what we need right now. Grrr.

On the way home we drove through a huge thunderstorm, with enough rain pelting down that Anthropapa drove about half the speed limit. It was amazingly beautiful, and we badly needed the rain. I’m a bit sad that Idaho is so dry, because I love storms. It’s going to be just like Sacramento, I think: sunny and hot pretty much all the time, except with a little added snow in the winter.

* * * * *

The other night we bought this very silly mini-film from iTunes.

Joss Whedon, of Buffy and Firefly fame, made this with his friends and family during the recent writer’s strike. It’s pretty unique in content and format: a supervillain musical! And the good guy is kinda bad, and the bad guy is supposed to be a hero, and the girl is very good but kind of wishy-washy…so it’s kind of a mixed bag. All you geeks out there (and you know who you are) will get a kick out of it. Neil Patrick Harris is really expressive and subtle (when he’s not practicing his evil laugh), and Nathan Fillion sports some major smarm and enormous biceps.

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5 responses to “A Hot Date and a Coupla Films

  1. The Helen Hunt film is for me! I can’t wait to see it. Oh, and glad to hear you had a hot date …

  2. Definitely can’t go wrong with Colin Firth! I just went to go see ‘Mamma Mia’ with Amelia on Sunday (super fun!), she had to listen to me swoon every time Colin Firth was on screen…singing too! It was just the level of entertainment that I needed that day, nothing too deep just lots of singing and dancing and water every where.
    I can’t remember the last time Jerome and I were out together, I am sure it was most likely grocery shopping or something else totally unromantic.

  3. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I am glad to hear from you. Blessings.

  4. Nice. Last night we got out for sushi with friends. 3B was excited to finally see “pink pickled ginger cools my tongue” and his favorite line “wasabi is HOT!HOT!HOT!” Yes, I do read it like that. He kept saying those two lines. I think the waitresses were amused.

  5. I would really have to dig deep to remember the last time Szilvi and I had a “date”, but I’m sure once we were seated at the restaurant, and the inevitable pause came after we’d ordered, we started talking about our children. Typical!

    By the way, I’ve been meaning, for days, to respond to the news that you are moving back to the “other” end of the country, and to a place outside of Waldorf Territory (I mean, the map must be marked “here be dragons” or something like that). Though I have a hard time imagining life without Waldorf, I have to say that there was a time, when I was a fanatical student and teacher of aikido when I just couldn’t imagine life without aikido. Move somewhere where there’s no aikido dojo? Never!

    And then life changed, and I haven’t trained in aikido for thirteen years.

    Be brave! I’m curious to see how your life, and your outlook changes.

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