Life Lessons I Learned Today

1) If you drop your laptop on the top of your foot, you won’t break any bones, but the top of your foot will turn blue and swell up and hurt like a motherf hell a lot.

(Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can even walk. And the laptop is fine, too.)

2) If your child comes running into the house crying and bleeding copiously, just say a prayer of thanks that you are calm in an emergency, you have plenty of clean towels, and that your child chose to wear a red shirt that day.

(Again, don’t worry. SillyBilly took a header in some gravel and got a 1 cm scalp wound. Nothing that lots of crying, cold water, and New Skin can’t fix. And yes, we consulted our Grammy the ER Nurse before attempting home treatment.)

3) If you’re moving 2,200 miles away in two weeks, and you’ve been eagerly awaiting something important for a long time, it will definitely be delayed.

(SillyBilly almost got his hearing aids today. The audiologist discovered that the otherwise wonderful $2,400 [each!] hearing aids did not come with the little doohickey that prevents the tiny battery from falling out when you open them. The tiny choking-hazard-toxic-chemical-hazard battery. So she’s reordering them.)



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5 responses to “Life Lessons I Learned Today

  1. Nana

    oh, my poor Pookie! that must have hurt like a root canal without any pain killer. for future reference, please remember: a laptop is not a frisbie.

    and my brilliant beautiful Grandson! he must have been really really scared, so give him a Nana kiss on his owie.

    Thank Goodness for Grammy when there is a medical crisis. Did she give you any advice for your foot?

  2. Eve

    Ha ha, that line about the red t-shirt is funny. I’m glad you and your son are OK.

    I don’t know which to be more surprised about–the laptop not breaking, or your foot not breaking. You have some mad accident skills.

  3. Doh! Ow! Grrrrr!
    Glad everyone is ok! Smudge a little sage around your house-some bad juju may be there! Ha!

  4. Ooooh… not very fun life lessons to be learning. I hope today goes better for you. 😉

  5. Ooh, poor SillyBilly, I hope he’s feeling better and that the hearing aids arrive soon. Once Kiko put his teeth through his lip in an airport, the blood looked like something out of a film, I was about to go into hysterics… until I realised the actual cut was about 5mm wide. Phew! (And I even had a change of clothes for him in my carry-on bag!)

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