Now We Are Home

Well, a lot happens out in the world while you are traveling and have limited internet access. I kept my email pretty up to date, but I just got into my blog feed reader today after almost 10 days away: 323 posts!

First impressions of Pocatello: dry air, lots of very bright sunshine, too few trees. Friendly people, living up to the city’s marketing. Very family-friendly here, including a main drag with a 35 mph speed limit! Not too much attention has been paid to making things very pretty here, which is a shame. But the surrounding mountains are always in view, reminding me strongly of California, except with pines instead of oaks. Good bagels and coffee at the bagel shop across from the college, with wifi! We’ve already noticed a used bookstore to explore, and sometime next week, after I get my  ID card (woo hoo, the perks of being a staff spouse!), I’m checking out the college library.

The kids are all set to start school on Monday. I’m feeling some trepidation as SillyBilly’s school is very mainstream, wanting him to start right in on academics. It’s not a surprise, but it does feel suddenly like we are completely betraying our convictions about Waldorf education. I rationalize by thinking about what a good career move this will be for Anthropapa, and how the affordability of housing here will make it much more feasible to start thinking about buying a house. I still hold homeschooling in mind, though I don’t imagine that for a few years yet.

I do love the scale of this town —  at first I was amazed at how small it is, but now it’s feeling very homey and human-scaled. Those slow speed limits (which everyone seems to obey, unlike California where the tacit understanding is that everyone drives at least 5 mph above the posted limit) and small population help make this feel like a very safe place. SillyBilly and Napoleona have found a neighbor family with 4 kids to play with, so they’re happy. I was worried about getting them their time outdoors, moving into an apartment, but there’s a little play structure and grass and some trees right outside our door. We’ve also scoped out some good parks.

We are still reeling from the marathon day yesterday of unloading our stuff from the freight trailer into a rented moving truck, our minivan, and a storage locker. Our apartment is a warren of tottering stacks of boxes. But it’s Friday, we’re off to the farmer’s market tomorrow, and things are good.

*   *   *   *   *

Two jokes I must share with you:

1) Why did the cow go into space?

Because it wanted to see the mooooooon!

–Courtesy SillyBilly, made up all by himself!

2) I thought you’d have this all unpacked by now.

–Anthropapa, arriving home from work this evening. That papa, he’s so funny!



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12 responses to “Now We Are Home

  1. It’s so good to hear from you again and know that you and your family are fine and settling into your new home. That’s great that you have a neighbor family with kids. We live in a old neighborhood, with mostly old people, so there aren’t any kids for mine to play with. The house across the street is up for sale and I’m praying for a nice family with kids to move in. 😉

  2. Nana

    when you have your own house you can plant lots of trees; you can surround yourself with trees, and bushes, and get a dog!

  3. oh i’m just catching up on my favorite blogs. so happy to hear of your new home! congratulations and i look forward to hearing more of your new adventures. 🙂

  4. Great to hear that you’re safely there, and that you are enjoying the attractions of your new home. I wish you happiness!

  5. Send photos! Yeah, aren’t those hubbies funny? Mine has said similar things on all our moves (and there have been many.)

    while I don’t wanna come back to America, I have been thinking alot lately about Idaho as an option, should the return ever happen.

    thinking of the anthrofam,


  6. Heh, we’re still not unpacked and we’ve been here for 2.5 months! Your description of your new town reminds me of how I felt when we moved to this area. I did a big sigh of relief that we were in a smaller community and one that was less busy.

    It’s good the kids have found friends so soon. I’m still working on that with Kiksy – we had two failed attempts at joining playgroups and now I’m just playing things by ear, although this seems like a friendly place.

    I hope you get all settled down nice and quickly – and that the farmers’ market was good!

  7. Getting settled takes time! I’ll be thinking of you as you continue to settle in.

  8. Hey Anthromama!

    Glad to hear you survived the transcontinental migration. Driving across The States is an amazing experience. I’ve done it once. It’s mind bending to viscerally experience how big the USA really is. And how basically empty for such huge stretches.

    I have to admit I was a bit freaked out to hear how “unWaldorf” your new situation would be, but I seriously envy you for living in a college town. University library and a staff card! Wow! Sure you didn’t die and go to heaven?

    Love to all the Anthrocritters.


  9. Thanks everyone, pictures hopefully to come shortly (if I can find the right camera cable!).

    Theo: It was amazing to me too, to see in person what all that space on the map really means. There is a whole lotta nuthin’ out there. Or rather, a whole lotta corn fields. That brought Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma to mind often on our drive. I’m thinking of a post on the landscapes we saw.

  10. Pocatello? As in Idaho? lol

    I live in Idaho Falls, just a hop, skip, and a jump from you if that is indeed where you are!

    We have a small waldorf community, but my friend Melisa and I do a little group including a book group and festival group. It is a small group, mainly 4-7 families depending how many come to our events, but we love our group anyway. 🙂

    We’ll have to make sure to invite you to our festival planning meeting for the coming year if you are interested!

  11. Nice to hear you are in your new home and getting settled. Sounds like an interesting place. Can’t wait for pictures! 🙂

  12. May your time in your new home be blessed indeed. Glad you made it across the country with no mishaps.

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