A Momentous Monday

Yesterday was a very big day in the Anthrohaus.

The kids went to their first day of school:

Not my greatest photographic endeavor, but at least I remembered to capture the moment. The moment being the one right before we ran out the door, forgetting SillyBilly’s snack and hearing aids! (This morning I think we remembered everything, including tucking in his shirt as the dress code requires.)

SillyBilly was very excited to go to kindergarten, but when we arrived at the extended care building where he would be before and after school, he freaked out a bit and would not let me go and cried. Eventually he got a bit distracted by the other kids and the man watching over them (and keeping them amused) — Mr. Matt, with a mohawk! — and I made my escape. By the end of the day SillyBilly was tired, hungry, and happy to go back the next day. Even though, as he described to his Nana that night on the phone, the day was pretty much just learning the rules and “meeting people, blah blah blah”.

Napoleona was fine the whole day. Played, napped, ate, the whole shebang. No fuss or worries of any kind. She’s the classic second child, along with being fairly phlegmatic, so this day went quite smoothly for her at preschool.

* * * * *

The second momentous occasion was Anthropapa’s birthday! Since it was the first day of school at the university, he couldn’t take the day off. But we did have chocolate cake with candles, and some nice presents.

Anthropapa is a great papa, always keeping the children in his mind and heart. He is also a wonderful, thoughtful husband. We love him very much!



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6 responses to “A Momentous Monday

  1. Nana

    I am so proud of my brilliant beautiful Darling Silly Billy and my brilliant beautiful Princess Napoleona!

    They adjusted so well to an entirely new environment AND have started school!

    They must come from a very nurturing family. Oh, and their parents are okay too!

    To honor Anthropapa’s birthday, I sent him an Angel for the day.

  2. What a great day for your new Idahoan Life! Aaah, the joys and hells of the school uniform….been there….

  3. I’ll be posting a similar photo next week. Congrats to you too on letting them go 🙂

  4. Small update: We’ve been getting up a lot earlier than we used to. At least an hour earlier, now that we have to drop kids off and papa needs to be at work early. Napoleona has been reluctant to eat breakfast in the mornings because (I presume, because I’m this way sometimes) her stomach hasn’t woken up yet. Then we discovered that she’s having breakfast at preschool too!
    Second breakfast, just like Frodo always liked it.

  5. Happy birthday to Anthropapa! Your kiddos look so cute in that photo where they’re all ready for school.

  6. Wow, already settling in and off to school, children are so adaptable. It’s the parents that take a while. I hope they have a wonderful school year (blah, blah, blah).

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