Our Trip, Wyoming to Idaho

On to Wyoming, which is as flat (when it’s not mountains) and windy as they say it is.

But it’s also quite beautiful, in its own way. Once we got into the midwest, the sky just opened up in a way that is hard to come by back east, where there are too many hills and too many trees to see much up there.

Big sky, big clouds, big windmills (squint a little–the windmills were really massive in person). Plus pronghorn antelope, standing on the tops of little hills and outcrops like little Napoleons, lords of all they survey! We went by them too fast for any photos, unfortunately.

Once we got a little farther along into Wyoming, we went through areas of amazing rock formations. Though we spent many hours driving up and up and up, we never did see what you might call the Rockies because our route took us through the Great Divide Basin (we crossed the Continental Divide twice). We did pass by the Medicine Bow Range, which was lovely but not made of towering, snowy peaks as you might imagine from the Colorado Rockies.

SillyBilly was very excited to hear that this outcrop might be an old volcanic plug (my guess), while I wondered when we’d see Wile E. Coyote flying off the top of it!

We came across these short rows of fences aside the highway, fencing in nothing. Anthropapa surmised they were to keep blowing snow off of the highway in the winter. We also saw that there were numerous places where the highway could be closed, presumably also because of low visibility and high winds — and they had erected permanent gates across the highway on-ramps, so this must be a regular thing.

Finally we made our way into Idaho. I didn’t take many pictures…must have been just tired of it all and wanting to get out of the darned car. But east of Pocatello we went through Lava Hot Springs, which I am sure we will visit, and through lots of beautiful farm and ranch land. The sky was still big, it was still moderately windy, but there were beautiful hills all around, and then finally we were HOME!

*  *  *  *  *

OK, that is all I will subject you to regarding my terrible out-the-car-window photography of random rocks and things.

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4 responses to “Our Trip, Wyoming to Idaho

  1. Your pics are pretty great, actually. I miss it out there. I think you’ve landed in a lucky place.

  2. Nice shots of some of my favorite countryside. Yes, those are snow fences–that Papa’s a smart guy–and yes, the roads close often in the winter due to what they call ground blizzards.

  3. I grew up in Washington State and one year we lived in Spokane. We went to Idaho a couple times, all I remember is corn fields and strip malls (I was 8), but it sure looks lovely from your view- everything in between NY and Idaho too!

    I am glad you all made it safely and are settling in already.

  4. Beautiful! The sky is just bigger over there, isn’t it? 🙂

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